Yoga has been rooted in the roots of ancient history for many years. There is no age limit to performing yoga; from children to elders, anyone can practice yoga daily. 

But what about pregnant women? Do you think Is it safe to practice yoga during pregnancy time? 

Then the answer must be “yes”; it is advisable to perform pregnancy yoga and meditation to gain strength and mental health. 

But a few poses primarily concentrate on a particular area to give out the desired result for them, like, muscle strength, pelvis strength and more.

We have carefully listed the top 5 yoga poses for a healthy bump! Read more!

Preganancy yoga

Bhadrasana / Butterfly Pose

Bhadrasana is a beginner’s pose; it is a comfortable asana that can be held on for more periods.

Bhadrasana helps calm the mind, brings up the feeling of groundedness, and activates the root chakra.

It helps relieve the tiredness of pain in the inner thighs and legs of pregnant women.


How to perform:

  • Sit in a butterfly position
  • Stretch your legs out
  • Form the “namaskar” pose in feet (it should touch each other feet)
  • Don’t bend your back; sit straight and place your hands on your feet or knees.
  • Keep your mind relaxed and focus on your pose for 1 to 2 minutes.



✅ It helps strengthen the pelvic area

✅ It makes your body more flexible

✅ It helps in easing the discomfort


Marjariasana / Cat or Cow Pose

Marjariasana / Cat or Cow Pose

Regular yoga improves body awareness, relaxes the mind, centres attention, and ensures mental clarity.

Yoga asanas like Marjariasana offer massive benefits to unite the body and mind. One of the significant benefits of Marjariasana is that this pose targets the specific area of the spine and the lower abdomen to release muscle tension.


How to perform:

  • Place your hands and knees on the floor and bend your back into a slight mountain-like shape
  • Your hands have to be kept under the shoulder straight on the floor
  • Keep your knees an inch apart from each other, inhale and exhale slowly
  • Gently raise your chin and tilt your head back
  • Push your navel down and elevate your tailbone and compress your buttocks till you feel a tingling sensation
  • Hold that posture for 10 seconds and take a relaxed breathes
  • Drop your chin to the chest and exhale, arch your back as much as you can and relax your buttocks
  • Hold this pose for seconds and back to the initial posture; practice this 4 to 5 times



✅ Increases the flexibility of the whole spine area

✅ Definite relief from back pain

✅ Open up your pelvic region

✅ Best posture for labour and after birth


Malasana / Garland or squat pose

Daily yoga practice at home may help you stay healthy, productive, and calm throughout the day, especially during pregnancy.

Practicing yoga indicates a balance between the mind and body; as a result, yoga helps overcome all forms of suffering to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Asanas create physical and mental stability and provide discipline; Malasana is one such beginner-level yoga asana.


How to perform:

  • Take a seat on the ground but wider than your hips
  • Bend your knees into the squat pose
  • Bring your hands together and form a namaskar
  • Press the elbows towards your inner thighs
  • Bring your hips close to the ground
  • Hold a straight position to enjoy a proper posture



✅ Great compression to the abdominal activity

✅ Opens up the pelvic joint and hips




Pranayama is one of the most potent forms of yoga, which teaches you to be calm, composed, and peaceful. It is one of the essential types of yoga that helps restrict the adrenaline produced in the form of fear and produces oxytocin, which is the best help in labour progress.

They are the noted help that helps relax your mind and open up during labour, which gives hassle-free childbirth.


How to perform:

  • Sit calmly in a room and focus on your breathing for 2 mins



✅ Changes in energy levels

✅ Emotional state of your mind boosts up

✅ Temperature of your body


Trikonasana / Triangle pose

During pregnancy, the body changes modestly and dramatically, all beautiful and exciting.

It encourages you to use yoga to look inward and note every physical, mental, and emotional experience, big or small.

This awareness will help strengthen the bond between you and your baby and enrich your experience of yourself during this incredible time.


How to perform:

  • Stand upright in the triangle pose and keep your feet together.
  • Place your hands at your sides.
  • Spread your legs apart.
  • Raise your right hand, breathe deeply, bend to the left, and maintain balance by placing your left hand on the ground.
  • Count to 10 while tilting your head forward and focusing on your right hand’s fingertips.
  • Repeat by bending to your right and placing your left hand on the ground.
  • After a minute of relaxation, repeat the complete position twice.



✅ Improves digestion

✅ Prevents constipation

✅ It encourages deep breathing

✅ Strengthen the back and spine


Closure Thoughts

It is essential to keep your mind and body steady and relaxed during pregnancy. The mind will go through so many fluctuations during this time; to avoid that try focusing on the yoga part.

All the pregnancy yoga and meditation mentioned above must be done only under the supervision of a trainer and consultation. Because they know when to make you perform this and for how many counts.

If you cannot hold it for too long, it is okay to return to the normal position and take some time.