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Archana Amlapure - Yoga Instructor

Archana Amlapure, a certified Yoga instructor and Yoga therapist, stands out among yoga instructors in Singapore as the driving force behind Ojas Yoga and Wellness. With a passion for promoting health and well-being, she is on a mission to guide individuals of all ages towards a healthier, happier, and stress-free life.

After dedicating 12 years to the corporate world, Archana personally experienced the toll of anxiety, stress, and burnout, which affected her overall health, relationships, and sleep. Her transformation came through the practice of Yoga, which rekindled her health and sense of bliss. Motivated by this profound change, she made the life-altering decision to leave her corporate career behind and embrace her true calling in Yoga. Now, she is one of the leading yoga instructors in Singapore, helping many find their path to wellness through her expertise.

Roohi Dhir - Yoga Instructor

Yoga has enabled me to think more clearly, breathe more effortlessly, and move more efficiently. As a dedicated yoga instructor, I believe in the transformative power of yoga that brings balance, strength, flexibility, and mindfulness.

Having over 15 years of corporate experience, I understand the importance of yoga and the various benefits it offers, such as eliminating stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as improving memory and focus.

As a passionate yoga class instructor with 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training Course (Hatha yoga), I enjoy interacting with my students and imparting knowledge related to yoga and health. I believe in constant learning and always look for avenues to deepen my yoga practice.

Nani - Yoga Instructor

Nani is passionate about the search for balance in life and believes strongly in the connection between body, mind, spirit, and the environment. While living and working in Hong Kong, Nani discovered Yoga and began practicing daily. It soon became clear that Yoga was more than just a hobby; it was the center of a healthy and holistic lifestyle.

In 2019, Nani began full-time Yoga study. In 2021, after graduating from Indonesia Yoga School, Nani relocated to Singapore with her husband and began teaching Yoga full-time, specializing in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Wheel, and Restorative Yoga. More recently, Nani became a Certified Pre-Natal Yoga instructor. As a dedicated yoga instructor, yoga class instructor, and yoga teacher, Nani continues to inspire and guide her students towards achieving balance and well-being through Yoga.

Palak Mehta - Yoga Instructor

Palak has been a Certified for Yoga teacher training in Singapore since many years. Before that she had certification from India. She has been practising teaching Yoga since her teenage years. She is specialised in pre/post natal yoga and kids yoga. Currently she is pursuing Masters degree in Yoga to deepen her Yogic knowledge. She has been known to design the class according to students’ requirements. She is an excellent yoga therapy teacher whose classes are specially curated to maximise efficiency and minimise injury.

Palak’s classes always offer variations of Asanas that are challenging are filled with insight to overcome those challenges gently. She makes Class full of fun with most sincerity. Palak’s teaching focuses on breathing and anatomy-based alignments. She can differentiate between various bodies and can instinctively provide modifications accordingly. She builds physical and mental strength in her classes to help students achieve a sense of fulfilment after every session.

Mohita Gandhi - Yoga Instructor

Mohita is a RYT 200 Yoga Alliance certified, passionate yoga teacher who believes to inspire people in her classes to connect their mind and body to the present moment and help them develop both physically & mentally. She incorporates various aspects of Hatha yoga including asanas, pranayama & meditation in her classes. She has also completed 100hrs Advanced Hatha Yoga instructor certification.

Shefali - Yoga Instructor

Shefali formerly a garment merchandiser had a very stressful work life which led her to battle with some health issues and that’s when she came across yoga which brought an overall radical change in her life.

She chose her passion as her life long mission . She values discipline and consistency in her practice and employs yoga for its therapeutic benefits driving her to assist those with stress related issues .

Yoga for Shefali goes beyond physical promoting physical wellbeing and mindfulness . It strengthens the body , calms the mind through Pranayama and fosters non- judgment and kindness through philosophy and mindfulness .

Her classes blends invigoration and serenity and are alignment bases classes as well as correct style wherein she believes yoga is for all .

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