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At Ojas Yoga and Wellness, we believe that a healthy workforce is the foundation of a successful organization. Our corporate wellness program is designed to enhance the well-being and productivity of your employees, creating a happier and more engaged workforce. Through a comprehensive range of yoga and wellness services, we aim to foster a positive work environment, reduce stress, and improve overall employee health and morale.

Our Approach

  • Tailored Programs: We understand that every organization is unique, so we customize our wellness programs to meet the specific needs and goals of your company.
  • Certified Instructors: Our experienced and certified yoga instructors are passionate about promoting wellness and will guide your employees through a safe and effective practice.
  • Holistic Wellness: Our programs go beyond yoga, encompassing meditation, mindfulness, and stress management techniques, Morning routines and much more to create a comprehensive wellness experience.

Program Offerings

On-Site Yoga Classes

  • Energize your workplace with regular on-site yoga sessions tailored to different levels and abilities.
  • Sessions can be scheduled during lunch breaks, before or after work, or at a time that best suits your employees.

Virtual Wellness Sessions

  • For remote or geographically dispersed teams, we offer live-streamed virtual yoga and wellness classes for employees to join from anywhere.

Stress Reduction Workshops

  • Equip your employees with practical tools to manage stress and improve focus and productivity
  • Workshops cover breathwork, relaxation techniques, and mindfulness practices.

Meditation Sessions

  • These sessions can be held in-person or virtually, promoting a sense of calmness and centeredness.

Wellness Challenges

  • Foster team spirit and motivation with fun and engaging wellness challenges promoting healthy habits.

Lunch time talks/Health talks

  • Educate your employees about the importance of various topics on health and wellness via lunch time talks or health talk and provide tips for healthier lifestyle.


  • Improved Employee Health: Regular yoga and wellness practices can lead to reduced absenteeism, decreased healthcare costs, and improved overall health.
  • Enhanced Productivity: By reducing stress and enhancing mental clarity, employees can work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Increased Employee Engagement: Investing in employee wellness demonstrates your commitment to their well-being, leading to higher job satisfaction and retention.
  • Positive Work Culture: A wellness-focused workplace fosters camaraderie, teamwork, and a positive atmosphere.

Healthy employees creates healthy workplaces. We provide lunch time talks, Corporate yoga session or customized wellness programs. Leave us your requirement and we will provide best fit for you.

Do you often see these challenges in your workplace

We can help you in different ways


Lunchtime Awareness Talks




Wellness Sessions

Poor Concentration

Mindfulness Retreats

Low Productivity

Meditation Sessions For Leaders/High Decision-Makers

Low Morale


Mental Health Conditions



Our Program

  • Work life Balance
  • Happiness Management
  • Mindfulness
  • Managing Stress
  • High endurance strategies for productive workdays

Measuring Success

We track and measure the impact of our corporate wellness programs through participant feedback, wellness assessments, and key performance indicators agreed upon with your organization.


Our Program

  • Ojas Yoga and wellness has been awarded as Icon of healthcare award for Leading Center in Yoga and Wellness in 2018. It has been nominated as Singapore’s top 500 Enterprises and Asia’s Leading Brand.
  • Listed in the ‘12 Studios With The Best Yoga Classes’ in Singapore by the website BestInSingapore – based on customer satisfaction.
  • Top 10 wellness companies from Singapore in 2023 by Asia business outlook.


Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Sound bowl meditation and kids yoga for guests

Shapronji & Palonji

Chair Yoga


Virtual yoga sessions or transcom officers

Singapore Prison Training Institute

Mindfulness meditation

ITE East College

Relax Lah Don’t stressstress management program for students(50 sessions workshop)

Phoenix Contact

Lunch time talk and yoga session & Mindfulness meditation

States court

Lunctime virtual yoga sessions 10 sessions


Chair yoga for lower back pain & Yoga for migraine

Maersk Training Denmark A/S

Stretch and Breath program for leaders

Terumo BCT Asia Pte Ltd

Lunchtime talk- wellness talk – Morning routine


Chair yoga session


Lunch time health talk and yoga session

Yale- NUS

Laughter Yoga

Singapore university of social sciences

Unleashing Joy: A Workshop on Stress and Happiness Management


Hi Archana,

Thank you for conducting yoga session for Leading as ONE participants – I have received a very positive feedback for the yoga session, everyone was happy ©

Have you forwarded the invoice to our finance dept. already?

Best Regards,

I asked Archana to hold a session on centering and positive affirmations with a corporate team. Archana brought in a lot of positive energy. Within a very short span of time she masterfully guided the group into a more open, positive and creative frame of mind. It was great collaborating with her.

Nurul Syazwani

We recently had the opportunity to participate in a chair yoga session. This is our first corporate wellness day, and I must say the chair yoga that was led by Archana Amlapure the instructor was a great experience. We have a mixed pool of employees of different age group enjoying the sessions. She is knowledgeable and addressed our needs in terms of mind and body relief when it comes to corporate wellness. Overall it was a delightful experience. She was accommodating and to do virtually as we are a global company. On behalf of Green Li-ion, thank you once again Ojas Yoga and Wellnes for the session in celebration of International Yoga Day. – HR, Green Li-ion Pte Ltd.

Faith Chua

I engaged Archana to conduct a wellness virtual talk during one of our office meeting. Her session is interactive and she shared good tips on how we should establish a morning routine. She ended the session with yoga stretches which many colleagues like. Archana has lots of positive energy and give good aspiration to others to take care of our health. Thank you, Archana


Archana Amlapure

She is a founder of Ojas Yoga and wellness, Yoga teacher, Yoga Therapist, Life Coach, Author of book “Heath, Happiness and Harmony” Ojas yoga has team of 3 teachers including herself.

Archana Amlapure, an Engineer, IT professional turned Yoga and wellness coach , having gone through anxiety and depression herself while she was juggling her family and corporate life, Yoga came to her rescue. How tremendously it brought positive effects to in her life, she set herself on a mission to help individuals lead a healthy, happy and stress-free life. Leaving a Well settled corporate job, she is now on the path to motivate and help everyone to take action to invest in their health for a healthy, happy and harmonious life

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