Tips to cultivate self-love, The person you will spend most of the time within your life is yourself, so you better make yourself as interesting as possible.

For many people, during this time, about 80% of their thoughts are negative, about half of that will be self-criticizing.

There might be a variety of reasons for such patterns, may be due to past experiences, some specific incidents or may be because someone said something nasty to us.

But we somehow keep on holding to these patterns, ideas and thoughts and recreate these things in our minds millions of times. Self-criticism leads to low self-esteem, low confidence, depression, anxiety and a multitude of self-destructing patterns and emotions.

If we just understand that every moment of our life, we have an option to create anything we want, may be not in outside world, but definitely in the inner world; there would not be any need to strive for happiness, because it will be your choice and no one wants to live in an unpleasant way! So, the blueprint of the best version of yourself is always created within you.

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To create this best version, we need to have harnessed self-love. The literal meaning in dictionary for self-love is …Regard for one’s own well-being and happiness.

So, it is understanding acknowledging and respecting own needs and desires. Giving a due, genuine, and prioritized consideration to own well-being without the feelings of having judged yourself and/or being guilty for taking out time for the same.

Although it can happen to anyone, for their own reasons, but if we consider the case of females, they traditionally tend to think that their surrounding is their priority. No doubt they are a strong pillar in society and a great foundation in the institution of a family, but that does not mean that their whole life needs to get consumed by these affairs.They devote their complete life to their family and it is not a small thing.

DEVOTING THEIR ENTIRE LIFE FOR NURTURING THE LIVES OF OTHERS is something that is the sacrifice and selflessness of HIGHEST ORDER. They dedicate all their time for family, kids, work, society and consequently a very less chunk of time is usually left for themselves. This is something that I personally feel bad about. In case if they take out some time for self-love. Pampering their self, she might feel being self-judgmental because according to her ..her surrounding is her priority.
But she has to understand, if some machine is a heavy duty machine, it also needs proportionately equal time for maintenance. So, female being the foundation of a Family, needs more time for herself.
Out of all that time that she can invest on herself, self-love or introspection can be one of the means.

Here are some Tips to cultivate self-love

  1. Understand yourself and create a mental image of what you want to be, a clearly as possible:
    Take some time off from regular tasks and spend some time alone to understand yourself and create a mental image of what you want to be as detailed as possible, as clearly as possible. Try to take some guided meditation session before that and after that. When you see yourself clearly as to what you want to be, you are submitting your application to the LIFE and if you stick to this image for a certain amount of time, Life will deliver it to you! So, take care while creating the mental image. It might take time for life to deliver it, depending on various factors, but if you are sincere in what you want, it DEFINITELY DELIVERS!

  2. Gratitude diary

This is the one of the effective ways to cultivate self-love. We don’t realize what we have in our life until we bring our awareness and attention to every aspect of our life and express it. So keep a diary or journal and write 3 to 5 things you are grateful for today. This will help you to see a big picture and help to value what you have

3. Think of achievements

Achievements in past sometimes becomes past only. Rather than thinking about worse memories of past, why do not we keep in mind our past achievement, specially at the times of feeling low. This will help you to keep you motivated and maintain your high energy and not allow you to delve into self-criticize mode.

4. Have affirmations

Affirmations are auto suggestions which we repeat very often becomes part of our mind.

So, create your positive affirmation…I must be confident. I must be healthy, happy. These are the kind of affirmations you can repeat which is like giving directions to your subconscious mind.

These are all Tips to cultivate self-love

All these methods will give you:

  • More inner stability
  • Life becomes simpler
  • You will be happier

It is insane to say that we can fall in love with ourselves, because it needs two people to create love, but it is all a metaphorical concept to make you realize that happiness is just a matter of choice!

Please note that whatever is surrounding you, is in a certain way of what is inside you. So, make sure to create insides as better as you want your outsides to be!


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