Life is full of ups and downs . The trick is to enjoy the ups and have courage during the downs.

The last part of the quote was very difficult for me to follow, bringing courage during down phase.

When some situation goes wrong, somethings doesnt work well, some person bothers you or hurts you. Feeling stuck. In all these situations, instead of finding courage, I would go into denial mode. Self criticising mode. Eventually gets depressed at time. It would affect my motivation and energy big time. It results of me not taking any action and completely go under the carpet.

But eventually I realized I was missing so much on the life. I kept asking myself how can that one situaton, person and expectation engulf me so much that I feel stuck, sabotaged and swamped.

Few days ago, was one of those days where I was so demotivated and some voice was telling me..”You are not good, you do not have abilities to move forward” and so on. And I realized this is not me but a trap to pull me more down.

But before that I had learnt few ways to bring myself back to up and life.

I sm sure lot of entrepreneurs, moms, students, business owners or in fact any individual may face this situation. I am empathetic to them because I know how this phase feels like.

As the above quote says. Its the courage is what needed during down phase. And you will build courage when keep doing below things to bring yourself up.

  1. Have a confidence script ready

This scipt also comes handy and helpful to boost your self esteem. Eg: I am confident. I am empathetic. I am a good communicator. Along with going through it regularly, you can see it several times to boost your mood up and feel good in this phase.

2. Go for a long walk in nature

Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.

This will help to give you boost of energy with loads of oxygen in the nature. It is simply relaxing and healing.

3. Talk to a friend/closed one

Talk to a friend or family member whom you are very comfortable with. If willing to discuss problem, its a good idea to vent out and release yourself with judgement free discussion. Or else simply talking to that person would help feel better.

4. Remind your past wins and achievements

Be at calm place and remember the past wins and achievements. It maybe projects you finished , good feedback you received, awards, recongnitions or achievements . Your major winning events. That help you to cheer you up.

5. Deep breathing 

Deep breathing helps to release endorphins, the feel good factor. Hence, it helps to relax mind and body too.

Ups and downs makes your journey interesting, otherwise there is no learning and fun in life. But its important to love yourself in any situation. Self care and love will lead to help you find way forward and joy.

And below quote will give you relief..

” I have suffered many many ups and downs in my life. So does everyone. And the thing is to always know

With this down ..the only place you can go is UP.

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