14 November, was celebrated as World Diabetes Day. On this occasion, I happened to attend a talk on Diabetes Prevention. Some of my takeaways and also from my work experience, penning my learnings here which is beneficial to everyone. Everyone because each and everyone has at least someone from family or friends, suffering from diabetes.

Diabetes is one of the noncommunicable diseases which has become an epidemic nowadays. Statistics show that 1 in 10 globally and In Singapore 10% of the population has diabetes.  And an almost an equal number of people are on the fence means they are prediabetes and almost 1/3rd of them will eventually be moved to diabetes zone soon.
Once someone diagnosed with diabetes, they think that they have to take medicines for the rest of their life and they start taking for years and years and living with it. But the truth is diabetes can be managed and mitigated purely with lifestyle change and self-care.

Sedentary lifestyle, stress, fast food, lack of social support are few causes of type-2 diabetes and stress is a major cause nowadays.
But is it that once you are diagnosed with diabetes, you have to live it and always need to take medicines to control it?
No..You can manage and mitigate diabetes effectively in natural ways.
Few tips to manage diabetes well

  1. Take doctors advice and take precautions from time to time
  2. Food: Eat a healthy balanced diet. If needed take expert dietician advice on what to eat and what not to
  3. Mindfulness: Yoga, meditation, breathing, and mindfulness should be part of daily routine to reduce stress and anxiety. This has helped many individuals to manage effectively or reverse it in a few cases.
  4. Sleep well: quality sleep is very important to recharge the brain, mind, and body and hence reduce stress
  5. Give back to society..socialize and take up volunteer work. This gives a feeling of fulfillment and happiness.
  6. Develop gratitude, kindness and compassion and forgiving attitude

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If you follow these tips and natural ways for Diabetes Prevention, it’s not very far that prediabetes symptoms will be reversed. Diabetes will be managed well and one can slowly reduce medications.

Again it is about choices that we make. If you make healthy choices today, your future life will be happy, healthy and joyful.

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