Few day ago, I called up my friend who is currently pursuing MBA, she was sounding stressed. She said. “You know I have to submit this assignment in two days, I have to prepare for exam. John (her son) is sick and top of that I am so fed with my stomach issues.After enquiring a bit, I got to know that she had diarrhea and constipation. I instantly know the issue. She was going to through stress, anxiety. Sometimes pressures, sometimes fear, sometimes feeling of unbale to express, which was causing the diarrhea and constipation.

Do you suffer from below symptoms very often?
– Constipation
– Bloating
– Gas
– Diarrhea

Does this affect you very often?
Do you need to often visit doctors to treat them?
But have you ever observed what are you feeding your stomach?
what are feeding your mind and body?

Do you think that above symptoms occur only if you don’t feed your stomach with healthy food?

Of course it matters, what food you eat. But it is very important to check what do you feed your mind? What are your thoughts? what are your emotions? What is your physical and emotional state?
Are you still wondering how your emotional states affect digestion and digestive system?

Your digestive system simply refuses to work when you are stressed, angry, tensed, fearful and in extreme emotional state.
In these situations, Sympathetic nervous system is active which makes your blood pressure, heart beat, pulse rate, sugar level goes high and it shuts down blood flow to digestion. This affects in decreased secretion needed for digestion, which affects in the following
– Increases acid in your stomach(acidity)
– Constricts intestines, which results in either constipation or diarrhea
– Causes esophagus in spasm which affects in peristaltic movements
– Causes weight gain due food doesn’t get digested well in time


If stress or situation remains for longer duration, these conditions becomes chronic


When you are anxious e.g. going for exam, going to give speech. you feel need to go to toilet. When a person holds some grief, unpleasant event and relationship and unable to let go, it causes constipation. If someone has constant fear or phobias, then it causes acidity increasing acid in stomach.
Our sedentary lifestyle and wrong eating habits adds to this problem. (Read 7 tips of healthy lifestyle)
Are you looking for remedy to get relief from these symptoms?
then read below 5 tips to achieve better digestion.


1.Relaxation therapy

Relax your mind and body to bring balance on nervous system, which will relax digestive system. Deep relaxation, Deep breathing (Read about Breath)and Meditation will help to relax mind and body and hence to reduce stress, anxieties, anger and tensions.
Sometimes most productive thing to do is to relax. 



The only Yogasana/posture you can do after food is Vajrasana. After heavy meal or if you can, after every meal, you should sit for at least 5-7 mins in vajrasana. By doing this, whole blood flow is sent to digestive system and hence it aids digestion faster. You can combine with meditation as well.


3.Apana Mudra

Apana Vayu or downward force at abdomen region is responsible and supports functioning of digestive system. By doing Apana mudra, flow of Apana vayu can be controlled and balanced. It helps to regulate the movement of body toxins downwards and hence relives constipation.
To do this mudra, tip of your middle finger and ring finger touch to tip of thumb lightly, rest of the fingers remains straight.



Yoga asanas help to improve blood circulation and relaxes body. By doing certain poses like twisting, Vakrasana, bhujangasana, dhanurasana, pavanmuktsana helps to stimulate digestive system by improving secretion of juices. It also helps to strengthen digestive system.


5.Mindful eating

Along with healthy and good diet, mindful eating is also important. If you eat sitting in front of TV, while reading newspaper or book, while talking and giggling so much, it will disturb the functions of digestion. Keep mind calm while you eat, with being mindful what you are putting in your mouth and remember You are what you eat and how you take your food.

Your digestive system is like energy providing machine, feed it with healthy, happy and positive thoughts, nourishing food and mindful habits, otherwise your machine will stop supporting you.
Feel the feeling but don’t become emotions. witness it, allow it and release it…


Comment in the comment section if you have any of above symptoms, how does it affect your daily activities. What are you doing to relive these symptoms? Do you wish to get help? If yes, leave your email id and contact number , we will reach out to you.


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