I remember whenever I had to face the audience, I used to tell myself “You are gonna be the best” and just repeating mentally gave me strength many times to face that situation far better.

Do you feel stuck and stressed?

Are you tired of dealing with illness or chronic diseases?

Do you have some fear or phobia and suffer from disturbed sleep?

We humans carry and accumulate so many emotions within us. Mind is collections of thoughts, which arises from emotions like sadness, happiness, anger, frustration, fear, surprise etc. Emotions arises from our daily activities, interaction with self and society & our own expectations, in response to some event and the list goes on.

Some emotions get expressed and some emotions not. The major reasons why someone don’t express fully maybe the circumstances or don’t feel the necessity. The pleasant emotions associated with person or event when not expressed, get stored in your subconscious mind and is stored as memory. But if emotions are unpleasant and associated with pain, distrust, bad experiences, it will be stored as bad memory.

Based on these memories, you will behave in certain way and your habits will be formed. E.g. During growing up years, if parents keep telling kid that he/she is not good in anything. Subconscious mind of that kid always thinks that he is not good in anything. It might affect his self-esteem. Fear is also developed in similar way.

We associate things with these emotions e.g.: If you had faced a bad accident in the past, you may develop fear of driving or sitting in the car. We cling to that incident or experience and develop some emotion towards certain things like fear, anger, frustration. Most often it is developed in our mind. Real situation might be different, but our mind tends to think, associate and conclude which might not be the real situation.

If these negative emotions stay long, it manifests into diseases e.g Diabetes, Migraine, Arthritis, insomnia, digestive related problems and many more.

Do you wish to release these emotions and face the reality?

DO you want to release your deep-rooted beliefs and habits?

Do you want relief from chronic illness?

The answer is

Contemplation, Auto suggestions or making resolutions to change the beliefs, habits and release emotions.

What is Contemplation?

Contemplation is a positive auto suggestion. It helps to release and clear those emotions and bad habits. Contemplation is seeing things carefully as it is – truth nothing else. Auto suggestions/resolutions or contemplation is the ways to train your mind and face the truth.

How it works on subconscious mind?

When you instruct mind again and again, those thought will become part of subconscious mind and scientifically each cell also store this as a memory and it becomes part of you and then a habit. Scientifically this is useful change and psychological all well. The cells follow the suggestions given to them. Thus, the feeling and neurons can be trained to do the desired thing. For a cerebral cleansing the use of emotions is necessary. This helps to replace old habits/traditions with new one. The same feeling if repeated can create sound waves. The sound waves recreate similar sound waves in cosmos which radiate positive energy and the practitioner benefits positively. Contemplation, auto suggestion, resolutions are not only meditation techniques but the process of inner transformation, it is the process of training every cell.

How to contemplate (practice)?

To practice contemplations, your mind needs to be calm and breathing deep and slow, when you are in the composed and calm state, you can see your feelings. Calm and steady mind thinks better. In this state, you can tap into your subconscious mind.

– Sit in Meditation, relax your mind and body

-Once your breathing is smoother and deeper, repeat your contemplation/Affirmation/Auto suggestion up to 9 times mentally with full faith and trust. Use short positive sentences as a resolution/contemplation

And remember, unless you believe what you are saying, it won’t work.

You need to do it regularly and consistently. For better results.

E.g. If you feel constantly sick, you feel tired, depressed and sad most of the time.

You can mentally repeat saying “I am healthy and I am happy “

If you have low confidence, you can use affirmations “I am confident, and I will face this bravely”.

If you are busy and can’t practice Meditation, you can repeat affirmations anytime of the day but with full focus. 


  • I am confident
  • I am at peace with myself
  • I am happy being me
  • I am healthy and happy
  • I am positive

What can be achieved?

By practicing Contemplations, you can achieve following things

  • Cleansing mind
  • Attainment of goal
  • Attainment of peace
  • Developing values
  • Developing personality
  • Working on social values
  • Healing
  • Positive health

Take control of your emotions and don’t let emotions control YOU….

Do you want to have positive life, good health and attitude? Then we can help you with releasing negative emotions, deep rooted beliefs etc. You can contact us. We will help with resolution building and emotional release.

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How to release and revive negative emotions, fobias and chronic illness?
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