In current trends, yoga for kids is becoming more essential and one of the health factors for people to keep their bodies fit and their minds refreshed. Yoga is mainly used to keep the body more flexible, make our blood circulation with more flow and make ourselves accessible. So, this fine art is to be taught to kids so that the kids will stay healthier and concentrate more.

Yoga comprises various poses suitable for individuals of different ages, body conditions, and specific needs. Kids, for instance, have certain limitations but can still flex their bodies. Hence, this blog provides information on easier yet healthier yoga poses ideal for children. If you’re looking for such yoga poses for your kids, you’re in the right place.

How to Introduce yoga for kids? Just Read this Article to get Tips.

Why should the kids do yoga?

Yoga is a fine art which does not have age limits. If taught to the kids, they will have much more benefits, keeping them fit and healthy. Here are the benefits for the kids

  • Balance the body properly
  • Releasing the excess amount of energy
  • Reducing the stress
  • Aiding with anxiety and depression
  • Better strength
  • Improving more concentration

Henceforth, the yoga posture gives the kids more benefits and makes them more focused.

The most accessible types of yoga for kids

There are several postures specially made for kids, which are more accessible and suitable for their body conditions and their age groups. Here are some poses for the kids

i) Corpse pose – Savasana

One of the most accessible poses for children is lying on their backs, keeping their legs and arms straight, palms facing up, and breathing normally. 

corpse yoga
Boy doing corpse yoga illustration

This pose is highly effective in calming their minds, relaxing their bodies, enhancing creativity, reducing anxiety, and promoting relaxation.

ii) Sitting Pose – Sukhasana

This is one of the most accessible poses in yoga for kids. It can be done by sitting while keeping the body erect and legs crossed. It is to be done by sitting on the ground and erecting the body. 

sitting pose
set of kids doing sitting yoga pose

The arms can be placed in two ways: keeping them on the knees or on the chest. The benefits of these postures are they will improve our focus flexibility and empower the back muscles.

iii) Bridge pose – Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

This is a relatively easy pose for children that can help to increase flexibility and strengthen the muscles. To perform the pose, lie on your back and bend your knees, raising your hips off the floor. 

Bridge Pose
A Boy doing a bridge pose in mat

Take a deep breath and balance your body on your arms and legs, supporting your body weight. This pose provides a good stretch for the spine and thighs and strengthens the back.

iv) Tree Pose – Vrksasana

This yoga posture is one of the simplest poses for children and can be done quickly. To start, stand erect, raise your hands together and join. Keep one of your legs bent so that your foot touches the knee of the other leg. 

tree pose
Woman doing tree pose yoga at home illustration

Hold this position for 30 minutes, return your arms to your chest, and lower your right leg. The benefits of this posture are improving concentration and focus and strengthening the thigh muscles and calves.

v) Snake Pose – Bhujangasana

This yoga posture is relatively easy to do. It can be done by lying on the ground and pulling your shoulders back towards your spine. Throughout the exercise, focus on keeping your abdomen in. 

snake pose
snake pose

Then, lift your body like a snake and keep your chin up. Use your hands for support without applying too much pressure. Hold this posture for around 15-30 seconds. This posture is beneficial as it stretches the chest, strengthens the spine, and can help with breathing.

vi) Boat Pose – Naukasana

It is quite a more manageable process, which can be done by sitting with the knees on the floor and lifting the knees inclined by keeping the belly inside. And bring the arms forward and straight. 

The primary benefits of this posture are the core, arms, and thighs will be strengthened. It also reduces the digestion problems. 

vii) Chair Pose – Utkatasana

This is the best workout for both legs, arms and heart. It is one of the best yoga poses among the children. This kind of posture can be done by bending the knees forward and stretching the arms ahead. 

Chair pose
Woman practicing chair yoga on mat illustration

It is ensured that the thighs should be flat and parallel to the arms. Take a deep breath and bend the abdomen inner. The primary benefit of the chair pose is that ankles, thighs, knees and spines will get stronger. Also, this posture improves the functioning of the heart.

viii) Mountain Pose – Tadasana

This is one of the postures suitable for children, which has more effortless movements without much stress. They should stand straight, spread their legs at shorter distances, and spread their toes. 

mountain pose
Woman practicing mountain yoga pose on mat illustration

Ensure that the shoulders are relaxed and raise their hands above their heads. Keep the posture for some time and breathe slowly. The benefits of this posture are strengthening their thighs and knees and tightening the abdomen and the hip.

ix) Locust pose – Salabhasana

This pose will make the children strengthen their backs. The stomach should be laid with the hip apart with the arms from their sides to do this posture. Then, the kids should lift their heads, chests and legs off the ground and keep their hips on the floor. 

The benefits of this locust posture are that the core and the abdomen will get more muscular, and their arms and legs will get tightened.

x) Staff Pose – Dandasana

It is one of the best yoga for kids and children. It can be done by sitting and engaging the leg muscles and feet. Relax the shoulders and lift the chest to perform the posture. It can create simple steps for the shoulders to assemble over the hips.

The benefits of the staff pose are to tighten the spine and shoulders and strengthen the thighs, knees and toes. Also, it will help to keep the body more flexible. 

A tip for yoga posture

As we live in a world of work-loads and more concentration on studies, the kids have to spend quality time performing the above simple postures for yoga to keep themselves fit and healthy. 

Wear dresses for performing yoga, which makes them comfortable, and use the dedicated yoga mats to add more grip to perform better postures. Slowly perform the yoga; thus, the body will adapt to the poses perfectly.


The above yoga poses for the kids are more leisurely and will make them more attractive. Doing yoga will improve the kids’ concentration, minimise stress, reduce anxiety and depression, and make them more active. It will be better to make them perform yoga with some fun.

yoga for kids
yoga for kids

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