Success has become one of the most addictive importance among modern-day individuals, and stress and its associated health problems have also become gradually dominant.

However, their results may not be visible immediately; late nights, quick deadlines, packed schedules, and stuffed lifestyles will impact your physical and mental well-being. Infertility is one of the most usual and prevailing troubles provoked by stress and inconsistent lifestyles. Many couples still complain that they cannot conceive even with their continuous attempts and medical assistance. If this shows like your problem, too, it’s time to embrace the remedial practice of yoga.

Let’s see the exciting and curative yoga poses for infertility problems:

Seated Forward Fold: 

Paschimottanasana, also naturally known as Seated Forward Bend, focuses on the hamstrings, lower back, and hips region. This asana or pose helps to vitalize the ovaries and uterus, the essential organs responsible for conception. Also, this asana can enhance your psychological state for a peaceful intellect.

Directions to do: 

Sit straightforwardly with your legs stretched out and your toes turned towards you. Now inhale and stretch calmly both your arms above your head slowly. Exhale and bend forward at your hip by touching the sides of your feet with your arms while keeping your spine upright. Breathe steadily and bend further towards your legs each time you exhale. Remain in this pose for one or two minutes to focus on the region, inhale deeply, and return to the sitting position with your arms stretched out.

Slowly exhale and lower your arms.

Shoulder Stand:

Shoulder stand, also known as Sarvangasana, helps stimulate the thyroid gland; the dysfunction can lead to infertility. Also, it helps to soothe your mind and reduce stress. 

Directions to do:

This asana may take a while to practice but focus on enhancing the pose.

Gently lie with your back on the ground, stretch your legs and arms on the sides of the body by facing your palms up. Now, raise your legs to create a 90-degree angle. Push your palms to the floor, lift your waist slowly; bring your legs forward, and keep them vertical to the ground.

With the support of palms, hold your waist and raise your legs to form a 90-degree angle to the floor. Hold in that pose for one to two minutes. Slowly drop your legs back and place your hands on the ground. 

Bee Breath:

Commonly called Bhramari Pranayama is one of the top yoga poses for relieving stress. This type of Pranayama relaxes the body and relieves stress and anxiety. With a calming state of mind and body, you can increase the chances of conception to a phenomenal stretch.

Directions to do:

Sit straight with your eyes closed and position your index fingers on the cartilage of your ears. Inhale deeply and press the cartilage when you exhale. Keep practicing it in and out as you inhale and exhale while making a humming sound. Maximum of 6-7 reps with this breathing pattern.

Legs up the wall: 

One of the easiest yet powerful asanas helps keep the sperm within your body close to the uterus, which increases the chances of reaching the matured egg for fertilization.

Directions to do:

Casually lay on your back and lift your legs directly up against a wall. Hold on to this pose for 15 to 20 minutes.

Cobra pose:

Cobra Pose, also known as Bhujangasana, is one of the great asanas for improving fertility. It helps increase blood flow to the path of the ovaries and the uterus.  

Directions to do:

Lie entirely on your stomach with your palms facing up the floor and feet top-down on the floor. Inhale and exhale slowly as you lift the top of your body. Upwardly curve your back by pushing your feet, hands, and hips downwards.

Hold on to this pose for up to half a minute. And do not forget to concentrate on your breathing part. Then gently free your body and lie on the floor.

Bridge pose: 

We all know how to work on that pose since it is the most popular and how much benefit it contains. It helps in focusing your pelvic region, opening up, and expanding. It encourages your thyroid gland by increasing its blood flow and enhancing its function. This asana helps treat anxiety, stress, depression, and related symptoms.

Directions to do:

Lie on your back and keep your knees bent with your feet flat on the floor, slightly separated. Keep your arms to the side of your palms facing upward. Now exhale slowly and push your lower back to the floor. Create an arch curve by bending your tailbone and lifting your spine and buttocks from the floor.

Hold on in this position for up to one or two minutes by inhaling and exhaling. 

Reclining bound angle: 

This yoga asana focuses on your inner thigh and groin muscles. It helps relieve stress, menstrual cramps, bloating, and a medicated fertility cycle.

Directions to do:

Slowly exhale and lower your back towards the floor with the help of your hands. Lie on your back, and rest your neck on a pillow if needed. Bend your knees, and set the soles of your feet onto the ground. Drop open your knees to the sides where your soles touch each other. Position your hands beside by facing your palms up. 

Stay in the position for up to 10 minutes by inhaling and exhaling. Press your thighs jointly with the help of both your hands. Turn to one side and gently rise from the position.

Closure thoughts:

Regularly practicing these asanas will enhance the chances of conception with a clear mind and body state. Anyhow, it is essential to ensure where you practice these asanas. For regular training and yoga inputs, always reach out to certified yoga practitioners for better results, which may reduce the injury and risk. 

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