Tips for Mental Wellness during lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The whole world is fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. Its fear has gripped the entire human race. The pandemic is not only affecting human health but has slowed down economies of countries, has restricted travel and put a stop to socializing.

Every human seems to be in some sort of restriction, quarantine or lockdown – physical, mental or emotional.

There are few people who are coping with this situation very well. They are enjoying this time with loved ones and bringing out their creative sides. They are painting, cooking different dishes, gardening or simply enjoying the slow pace of life.

On the other hand, there is another group of people that is not able to cope with this situation very well. They are filled with fear and panic, are stressed or anxious about every second. It is only natural in these times.

However, not being able to cope well with this situation is not something they can afford as it affects their health and in turn it affects their immunity, leaving them more vulnerable and prone to attracting infections easily.

Fortunately, it is in our hands to change our response to such situations and take care of our mental wellness. We are capable of fighting these trying times.

Here are a few tips for mental wellness which will help you to change your frame of mind from a reactive mode to a proactive one. This change is essential in making your mental wellbeing a priority.

  1. Shift your focus:

When we focus on ourselves or our loved ones all the time, we are constantly worrying about things and are concerned about their wellbeing all the time. Instead, shift your focus to seeing positive aspects, understanding the facts and seeing the bigger picture.

  1. Use the time to learn:

Take this opportunity to learn a skill or pursue a hobby as in this age of technology everything is available online. Use this time to learn or explore the unfamiliar side of yourself. Indulge in hobbies or desires that you never had time for before and you always wanted to do like learning to dance, write, read, etc.

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  1. Organize:

We are always busy and are procrastinating things that we mean to do. Use this time to organize your wardrobe, your child’s study room, the kitchen or even your office papers. This will definitely help in shifting your focus and channelizing your energies in a more positive direction.

  1. Plan:

Plan to improve and structure your business systems, get creative and explore ways of building your business. Create strategies and discover ways to further your profession. Develop the online aspect and build the content around it. Use this time to develop your professional skills. Take up online courses to develop your knowledge.

  1. Breathe and meditate:

Lastly, spend 20 minutes every day to just breathe and meditate. It will help you to release panic and get rid of fearful thoughts. Breathing exercises and meditation lower stress and anxiety. They bring hope and faith. They help strengthen your belief that this time of terror is only transient and it will soon come to pass.

I believe if you keep your faith, you keep your trust, you keep the right attitude, if you’re grateful, you’ll see God open up new doors.” – Joel Osteen

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