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Statistics say, “Practising yoga poses regularly will help boost energy.”

In contrast to “high power” and “low power” postures, the research evaluated the innovative hypothesis that yoga poses, which boost physical energy but are not connected with relational power, would boost the subjective feeling of energy and increase self-esteem.

In this article, let us look into “5 effective strategies that help boost energy.”

Five effective strategies:

By practising these five strategies, you can boost your energy levels and thus lead to a healthy life.

The top priorities include:

  • Getting adequate sleep.
  • Maintaining a healthy diet.
  • Exercising frequently.
  • Managing stress.
  • Engaging in activities you enjoy.

Let us look at each one in detail.

Get enough sleep:

When it comes to living a healthy life, sleep is essential in every aspect. Agree? So always aim for 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night to help boost energy levels.

Research says that using electric gadgets like phones and laptops and playing video games cannot help you get enough sleep.

Ensuring not to use electrical gadgets and focusing on reading books, bubble baths, listening to slow music and journaling before 1hr to bed can help you recover from sleeping disorder.

Eat a balanced diet:

“WHO states that eating proper food can reduce 80% of heart diseases”.

Eat a Balanced Diet - Ojas Yoga

Having balanced food means eating a variety of food proponents properly; for example, one must not have more protein foods and avoid carbohydrate foods, or vice versa.

Before getting into your tummy, ensure the bowl has balanced fruits, vegetables, whole grains, meat and low-fat milk products.

The book “ikigai – The Japanese secret to a long, happy life” states that you stop eating when your stomach gets 80% of the food.

Eating diet-rich food means avoiding processed foods and eating food that can help maintain steady energy levels.

Exercise regularly:

Moving your body regularly reduces the risk of chronic diseases like heart attack, diabetes, and obesity. In addition, physical activity can help increase energy levels and reduce fatigue.

Yoga is the best.

Yoga helps reduce diseases, improves sleep quality, enhances cognitive function, and increases workability.

Consider finding out of your office and taking a stroll during lunch, using the steps instead of the elevator, or walking to work or school rather than taking the car.

Reduce stress:

We all live in a world where the term stress, anxiety and mental health plays a vital role, and we have always figured out ways to reduce stress.

Spending time in meditation and being mindful of things you do regularly is the best way to cope with stress.

Reduce Stress - Ojas Yoga

Also, many give up on meditation as they take up, and it is good to know that the result of meditation takes time. It is a slow process, and individuals must learn many levels to attain a stress-free life.

As they say, “practice makes a man perfect”. It is also known that practising various meditation techniques and figuring out which works for you makes human beings perfect.

Chronic stress may lead to feelings of exhaustion and burnout, so it’s crucial to find ways to manage stress levels.

Do things you love:

Making time for what you enjoy can reduce stress, improve your mood, and broaden your social network.

You can use it to control your painful symptoms. In addition, it may lengthen your quality of life and enhance your cardiovascular system.

Engaging in activities, hobbies and art that bring you joy and fulfilment is what is called doing things you love.

We hope you focus on doing things you love and look at the changes you attain.


By practising these five strategies regularly and efficiently, you can boost your energy.

Make this a habit, and along with this, ensure to add green veggies, fruits and protein-rich meat to your diet for a healthy life.

Congratulation on reading the article!

You are one step ahead of everyone, and we hope you follow all these five strategies and lead the life you wish!

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