Morning Routine Tips to Enable You to Have a Happy and Productive Day. Tim Ferriss, an American entrepreneur, author and pod-caster says, “If you win the morning, you win the day.”

How did you start your day today? Rushing through? Stressed? Or were you calm and peaceful?

The start of your day decides how your day will progress…

Having a good morning ritual is very important for productive days.

Personally, on the days I get up late and do not have time for yoga and meditation, I feel something is missing. I miss the mental peace that it provides. 

So having a healthy morning routine helps set the tone for the day, it reduces stress as you are better prepared and organized, you gain time as you plan ahead and it makes you focus on self-care.

Many successful people and leaders like Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins follow certain morning rituals that definitely play a part in their immense success.

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Here are some suggestions or tips for a good morning routine.             

1. Wake up around the same time.

It helps when you wake up around the same time. On weekends or holidays, you could delay getting up a bit but keeping similar timeframes sets your circadian rhythm and your body is prepared to face the day. It is essential to have around two hours to yourself before you start work so that you are filled with good energy and can focus on everything that lies ahead.

2. Drink warm water.

Start your day with one or two glasses of warm water. This helps to cleanse your stomach and relieves constipation. It also boosts your metabolism.

3. Stretch and breathe.

Keep aside 45 minutes or at least a minimum of 30 minutes for exercise, yoga, breathing and meditation. The best way to start your day is by doing Yoga. Many people have told me that when they practice yoga in the morning, they feel energetic throughout the day. Breathing and meditation helps in managing your thoughts and mental activity. So if you are short on time and have only about 30 minutes before you head to work, then spend 20 minutes stretching, 5 minutes on breathing exercises and 5 minutes of meditation. This is an ideal routine.

4. Make a gratitude list.

A gratitude list has been talked about a lot as it is a very powerful tool.  What is a gratitude list? It is a journal where you write down five things you are grateful for. If you do not want to or do not have the time to write then you could list out five things mentally and express your gratitude at the end of your meditation session. Definitely, writing down is like manifesting and would be idyllic. So try out and see what works best for you.

5. Prioritize.

Pen down a ‘to do’ list you need to accomplish for the day. But prioritize only three which you will work on. Choose the most important or urgent on that list. This will give you a sense of achievement at the end of the day. It will enable you to remove the urge to finish everything in the day and rush through every task on the list.

6. Eat a healthy breakfast.

When you start the day on a right note and in an organized manner, it is definitely a time to treat yourself with a healthy and nourishing breakfast. It is very important that your first meal of the day is healthy and nutritious.

Lose an hour in the morning, and you will spend all day looking for it. 

Richard Whately

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