Amidst the work pressure and mental stress, which is becoming common for everyone, people are seeking mental peace to calm themselves. 

What is the solution for calming yourself?

The solution for your question is, Singing bowl therapy. It is one of the best therapies that relaxes us, acts as stress relief, and helps us refresh ourselves through vibrational healing. This consists of a bowl and a mallet. The technique is that when the mallet hits the bowl, that bowl creates vibrations with a kind of sound that heals our body and mind. 


Historical Significance of Sound Bowls

There was a belief in using Tibetan singing bowls during ancient times, especially in Himalayan origins. It was made with a blend of seven metals, which represent the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Since this was a blend of metals, when it is stricken on the surface, it produces different types of sounds.

According to Buddhism, the sounds produced by the singing bowls will lead to the discovery of enlightenment, which is widely used in spiritual practices. These bowls will produce unique vibrations, capable of shifting energy and refreshing the mind, body, and soul with positive vibrations.

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The Science of Singing Bowl Vibrations

The use of singing bowl therapy consists of two methods, which involves 

      • Striking the side of the bowl with the mallet.
      • Striking by rubbing a mallet around the rim. 

The above two methods produce different kinds of sounds. These sound Bowls have been used worldwide for healing, resonance in our body, and provide better meditation. This therapy is based on the belief that energy is transmitted at different rates in the body, and brainwave states are more refreshed.

They can also produce healing frequencies that can have better therapeutic effects. The different kinds of sounds created by sound bowls are calming and relaxing and bring resonance.


Practical Applications of Sound Bowls in Wellness

      • The Sound Bowls in wellness is widely used for meditation enhancement and mainly used for stress reduction. 
      • According to the research, using the sound bowl will help increase concentration, improve mood, and enhance your connection to nature through chakra balancing methods.
      • The vibrations from the sound will increase your body’s enthusiasm and make your energy clear to stay refreshed. 


How to Choose and Play Your Sound Bowl

Selecting singing bowls and Utilizing the sound bowl is a more straightforward process; everyone can use this. But the only thing you need is concentration and persistence. Playing techniques for a sound bowl for the first time will be challenging, but it can be easy and exciting with some practice. There are two ways to use the striking bowl. The Sound bowls consist of different mallet types

      • Striking
      • Rimming


i) Striking

      • Striking is one of the easiest ways to play the sound bowl. This is a great way to play the bowl and is suitable for all ages.
      • Hold the bowl in the palm of your hand and the mallet in your other hand.
      • Hold the mallet and gently hit the bowl around the exterior wall of the bowl.
      • Thus, hitting the bowl will produce a pleasant, rich vibration and sound.
      • It is advisable to hit the bowl once and let the sound and vibrations dissipate before striking again.


ii) Rimming

This method will be more challenging than hitting but can easily be mastered with more practice. If it is the first time, practice a few times before getting used to this technique. This needs more patience.

      • First, start with a relaxed seated position with an erect position while maintaining a natural breath.
      • Hold the bowl in the palm of one hand and the mallet in your other.
      • This time, hold the mallet gently in the centre with the padded end.
      • The main thing about rimming is to start moving around the rim when you contact it to begin producing sounds. If the mallet is placed against the edge without moving it, the initial sound when hitting will be dampened, and the sound and vibrations will not be produced much.
      • Move the mallet around the bowl at least five times using a full-arm movement. The circular motion is similar to stirring a pot, and keeping the mallet vertical is essential.

Benefits of sound bowl therapy


The Benefits of Sound Bowl Therapy

The primary benefits of the sound bowl session are it mainly relaxes our body and soul. The sound bowls are made based on the truth that the energy and vibrations will bring mental peace and calm to our souls. 

When we can widen our listening by exploring ourselves with different sounds, this becomes a passage to a meditative state without fully knowing how to meditate. The benefits range from feeling calmer, releasing stress, and gaining a good thinking perspective; it can positively influence our nervous system.

Some theories suggest that sound bowl sessions are beneficial for mental health. 

      • The vibrations that the bowls bring the positive vibes and calmness that affect the mind and body.
      • The sounds the bowls create will impact brain waves to get relaxation.
      • They will bring the same psychological effects and benefits as listening to music.

These are some theories that suggest the benefits of sound bowl sessions.

Here are several of the benefits of the sound bowl sessions.

Reduce chronic pain

Chronic pain starts with anxiety and stress. As we are stressing ourselves, this Sound Bowl will be beneficial, as it serves as a stress reliever through the sounds.

Stress relief

How does anger cause? By stressing ourselves much as well as being more anxious. Hence, sound-bowl therapy is helpful in stress relief by calming our souls, and then the stress will be wiped away.

Emotional healing

The sound bowls stabilize your emotions and prevent the bad vibrations caused in your body and mind. The sounds from the sound bowls will heal by distracting from bad vibrations and help to focus on the sounds.

Improved sleep quality


The vibrations from the singing bowls will help improve sleep quality. It calms our body by adequately balancing the hormones and mind from all the distractions and stress we face every day.

top benefits of sound bowl therapy
Benefits of Sound Bowl Therapy


Advanced Techniques for Sound Bowl Practitioners

      • In the modern era, stress, anger, and depression have become common. There are various professional applications to overcome and handle stress and keep yourself refreshed.
      • This involves sound bowls for reducing stress and thus providing advanced playing patterns and tones to keep ourselves connected with the sound bowls and nature.
      • There is an advanced education programme for sound bowls that will provide a good understanding of sound therapy.


Precautions and Considerations for Sound Bowl Use

As a beginner, there should be some safety guidelines on using the sound bowls, as they produce vibrations and connect us directly. So, it is better to handle these sounds with care with the help of professional advice.

It is better to start 5-minute sessions on noting how the sound bowls impact you so that you can utilize the sound bowls accordingly. 

People who are suffering from epilepsy are better off staying away from the sound bowls as it is potentially enough to cause seizures, and people who are implanted with the metal will also be better not to use the singing bowl, as the vibration affects the metal in your body and also cause contraindications. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How does sound bowl therapy work?

Sound bowl therapy will help create vibrations in our body, which will help relax our souls.

What are the different types of singing bowls?

  • Pedestal Singing Bowl
  • Jambati Singing Bowl
  • Manipuri Singing Bowl
  • Trapezoid Singing Bowl

Can sound bowl therapy help with anxiety?

Yes. The sound bowl therapy will be more helpful in dealing with anxiety. The vibrations produced from the sound bowls will relax your body and refresh your mind.

How often should I practice sound bowl therapy?

Using the sound bowl once a day is recommended, which will bring you positive vibrations and increase concentration and persistence.



Handling the stress is becoming equal to handling the work, which is a big challenge nowadays. So, therapy is expected to be required to keep the mind calm and relaxed. Adopting the sound healing journey in treatment will help in personal growth and serve as holistic well-being. 

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