Hot Yoga! One of the best alternatives for unleashing your inner potential is to train yourself and get more benefits for your body to keep fit and healthy. As you are working out under hotter conditions, this will make your body generate more sweat and thus, excess toxins are removed.

If you are curious about this yoga and its benefits, this blog will be helpful for you. You will learn about the benefits of Hot Yoga and how they are beneficial and bring more value to your body.

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What Is Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga is also known as Yoga in a heated room, which can be done under hot conditions, about 45 degrees Celsius. The main objective of performing this Yoga is to increase the metabolism in your body parts and generate more sweat. Also, performing this heated Yoga will make you unleash your full potential, push your boundaries and improve your personality.

Hot Yoga Vs Regular Yoga

Hot Yoga is almost similar to regular Yoga, but there is a slight difference, that is, the surrounding environment and the temperature conditions. Traditional Yoga can be done under average temperatures; on the other hand, Hot Yoga can be done under higher temperatures, creating more sweat in your body.

hot yoga vs regular yoga

Another main difference between performing hot and regular Yoga is that the former will burn more calories than the latter because of the surrounding conditions. However, traditional Yoga will make you fitter and improve your metabolism. Performing Bikram Yoga will drain excess sweat from your body and keep you in a fresh state. 

Benefits of Hot Yoga

As we are aware of Yoga, which will make us stay fit and flexible, performing Yoga in a heated room will increase the metabolism in our body and make us more active. Here are the benefits of completing the Hot Yoga

Improves Flexibility

We all know that performing Yoga will improve our body’s flexibility, but performing this yoga will improve flexibility in your body. The external heat while stretching the legs, hands and body will increase better motion in our body and the muscles.

Increased Calorie Burn

As this Yoga is performed under heated conditions, more metabolism will be increased from various parts of the body, increasing the calorie burn in this yoga

There are various postures for performing Hot Yoga for weight loss. The energy expenditure in heated Yoga will be more when compared to regular Yoga, as the heat dehydrates our body.  

Strengthened Bones

Performing Hot Yoga during the hotter conditions will make your bone marrow stronger and aid in preserving bone density. As a result, the bones will get strengthened. 

Practicing Hot Yoga consistently will boost your bone density. Also, this Yoga in a heated room will be more beneficial to the women who have menopause.

benefits of hot yoga
Benefits of Hot Yoga

Reduced Anxiety and Stress

Studies show that performing heated Yoga will reduce anxiety and stress. By achieving Stress reduction in Hot Yoga will make your body more flexible and improve blood circulation in your body, thus making it more relaxed. 

By performing some postures will bring better relaxation in heated Yoga. As a result, mental well-being benefits will improve the better and healthier quality of life and increase productivity. Kindly the read the article for Yoga for stress management

Enhanced Cardiovascular Fitness 

Performing Bikram yoga under hotter conditions will improve the cardiovascular health of our body. 

This is because achieving this kind of Yoga will give two conditions, which are working out heavier and extremely hot conditions, which will improve cardiovascular fitness and thus will increase heart rate in Hot Yoga

Blood Glucose Regulation

Hot Yoga is glucose-friendly for people as this will regulate the blood glucose level properly. It also helps to increase the level of glucose as you are performing the Yoga in hotter conditions. 

However, diabetic patients should not do it, as their sugar and glucose levels will increase.

Nourished Skin

As you are performing the Yoga in a hotter environment, the body will release more sweat. Combining the yoga postures and external heat conditions it promotes excess sweat. 

These conditions will help your body to release the impurities and unwanted toxins from the body so your body will feel more refreshed and nourished. 

Safety Tips For Hot Yoga

Hydration and Electrolyte Balance

As your body is exhausted with more sweat, there will be no water content. So, drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and the amount of electrolytes balanced.

a girl doing a hot yoga in sunlght

Precautions for Individuals with Health Conditions

Stay cautious if your body is having bad health conditions. According to that, do Yoga with simple procedures so that your body will become fit and you will be in a safer zone. It is better to avoid more complex postures if you have any ailments.

Listening to Your Body

During this yoga, listen to your body and what it sends signals to the brain. If your body feels uncomfortable doing the postures, stop doing it right now and take the rest in a child’s pose or corpse pose. Do the yoga postures in a relaxed manner without straining yourself. 

Getting Started Safely

There are some poses which will be more beneficial for beginners. Those poses with hotter conditions will become more useful for the people starting the Hot Yoga for the first time. 

They are

  • Mountain pose
  • Child Pose
  • Corpse Pose
  • Dog Pose

The above poses are more accessible, which will be more beneficial to the people who will start Yoga for the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions

i) Is Hot Yoga suitable for beginners?
Yes, this yoga is suitable for beginners unless the more desirable conditions do not affect the body.
ii) Can Hot yoga help with weight loss?
Yes, as Hot Yoga increases sweat to release toxins out of the body and increases metabolism, this will result in weight loss faster than traditional Yoga.
iii) What should I wear to a Hot Yoga class?
During Hot Yoga sessions, it is recommended to wear fabric dresses, as they absorb more sweat from the body.
iv) How often should I practice Hot Yoga?
It is recommended to practice Hot Yoga three times a week for beginners. Once you get a proper flow, it can be done four times a week.

Final thoughts

The best way to lose your fat as well as keep your body more active and fit is to perform Hot Yoga, as it has more benefits. Rather than spending the time, money, and energy on the gym, performing Hot Yoga will keep you physically as well as mentally fit and calm.

If you are seeking professional help in performing Hot Yoga, Ojas Yoga is the right place to learn a variety of Yoga. We have dedicated mentors for performing Hot Yoga, which will be done according to your body’s health. We also have different sessions for performing various postures to keep your body more flexible and fit.

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