Recently my husband was detected with artery blockage, the reason was mostly high cholesterol followed with Angioplasty. Then suddenly we became aware of diet, eating habits and made few changes in it.

Most of the time, we live life without knowing and realizing it. But it hits us when we face any big problem, which may be life threatening, related to person or finance loss. Then we suddenly realize what we missed or what went wrong.

Blame it on today’s lifestyle, competition to be always ahead of time in work, adulterated food, air pollution and overdose of social media.

But if we are little conscious about our habits, actions and behaviors, we can still enjoy both worlds. We can enjoy gigs of modern life, at the same time be conscious of small things we do in life, and it will help in balancing our ways of being healthy & happy, avoiding unnecessary things in life.

In one of the talks of sadguru, he says that if we are conscious of what we do, we do not need to form any habits and forming habit is another way of living unconsciously.

What is conscious living?

Conscious living is when your mind and body works together for a single thing. Most of the time, our mind cannot concentrate and wanders in different directions. It is also concentration, intention and keeping the purpose of the activity you are doing focused.

Mind is like a monkey, it wants to be all over places and that too same time. It wants to think all the possibilities which are against you. It is always criticizing yourself.

One of the definitions of yoga is “yogachitvrittinirodhe” means purpose of yoga is to reduce activities of mind and attain peace.

But conscious living is more than that, though the mind is active, focused and aware on the things that one is doing at the moment.

In this process, the mind is fully aware of what you are doing, hence your mind and body is working for one thing.

If we chose to live consciously, we can achieve following

  • Good health
  • Save time from unnecessary things
  • Desired results of the task
  • Finishing task in time and saving time of others
  • Save from doctor fee and insurance money

Until you make the unconscious CONCIOUS, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.


6 tips of conscious living 

Do you want to achieve healthy and balanced life? then you can follow and make following points, part of your conscious living

  1. Conscious eating

You are what you eat, AND you are how you eat too. If you are watching TV, talking continuously, watching phone, replying messages, then you are taking those emotions in stomach along with food. Although activity of eating is happening, your mind is busy in other stuff. It affects digestion as the energy required for digestion is disturbed for other things.

It is utmost important what we eat and how we eat.

2. Conscious speech/talk

Choose your words wisely, put your brain in gear, before you put your mouth in ACTION. Words hurt more than actions. So, choose your words cautiously. Words can make or break a situation or relationship. If you are angry, frustrated, before you say anything PAUSE and think, it may save you from breaking relationship or a deal.

Also learn to appreciate things and people and it is for your own good as it helps to release positive hormones.

3. Conscious social media time

We don’t have a choice about Social media, the question is how well we DO it.  Overuse of social media is really affecting quality of sleep these days. We are in contact with friends, colleagues 24 hrs of the day, but loosing personal contact with close and loved ones. Though it is important, be conscious how much you need it. According to survey, 13% of productivity is lost due to social media distraction. According to me, it takes minimum, 10 min to bring back your attention after you checked facebook, whatspp etc. That means each time you get distracted by a message or news feed, you lose 10 mins, which is really a lot if taken collectively.

You can make your own rules. Simple thing that can help us is to mute whatsapp groups, Disable Facebook notification, not checking messages after 10PM etc. Check what works out the best

 4. Conscious spending time in nature

Time spent in nature heals your body, mind and spirit.

Simply taking a walk in the park gives an instant calmness and peace. Whenever I feel exhausted and tired a walk on the beach side energizes me. With our busy lives and degrading nature, we are staying indoors more stuck with electronic devices and everyday life issues. Conscious time spent in nature help to revitalize energy, boosts immunity, gets the doses of oxygen, gives you happiness and increases your creativity.

So take your time to spend in nature. Appreciate, learn and feel gratitude what Nature offers us without expectations.

5. Conscious habits

To change your life, change your habits…

And you can adopt positive habits like getting up early, exercising, conscious eating etc. Or you can develop negative habits like sleeping late, to be constantly on social media, procrastinating etc. As we have choice, why can’t we make a conscious positive choice.

Every small positive habit makes you a better person and it take a great effort and self discipline to make that conscious choice of habits.

These habits make your life managed, controlled, happy and healthy.

6. Conscious disconnection

Disconnect to connect… to connect to yourself, your soul and listen to your inner voice.

Disconnect from negative people, negative situation and negative thoughts which drains out your energy, which makes you feel low. Consciously choose the company where you feel positive, lifted and inspired.

When you disconnect with all, then only you can make connection with yourself and when you do that that’s the best connection you can make.

If we make sure we stay in a state of conscious alertness for the next synchronicity, our minds stay on the positive and off our fear and doubt.

                                                                           ~James Redfield

 Save your time, energy and efforts with conscious living. CONCIOUS LIVING, small acts with awareness.










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