Surya Namskar is the Sanskrit name for Sun salutation, which means saluting Sun. Sun is the creator and source of energy. Sun which spreads energy through its rays ,which is Orange in color, represents enthusiasm, happiness, creativity, attraction, encouragement and stimulation. You gain all of these just practicing 12 steps of Sun salutation.

I have been practicing Sun salutation since childhood, when I didn’t know the scientific benefits of it, but i always felt good. Before immersing myself into field of Yoga everyday I practiced Sun salutation regularly and it never failed to make me happy.

Sun Salutation is practiced almost in each type yoga class ,maybe with different variation of poses. It is basically set of 12 postures done in a particular sequence. If done in slower pace, you can improve your flexibility, if done with mindfulness, it becomes meditation, if done in medium pace, it improves muscle tone and if done in fast pace, it becomes a cardiovascular activity and helps to loose weight. Yes, practicing Sun salutation alone helps to loose weight but you need to be regular.

Along with many benefits, Sun salutation improves your energy levels, warm up body, boost heart rate (hence good for low BP), improves blood circulation etc., it offers very wonderful benefit to our body i.e. it stimulates our endocrine gland. Endocrine system or glands is the collection of different glands that produce HARMONES, which regulates different functions like metabolism, growth, development, tissue function, reproduction, sleep, stress and mood, among other things. If there is imbalance in hormone in any of the glands, it give arises to migraine, hyper and hypothyroidism, diabetes and many more. The glands involved in endocrine system are Pituitary gland, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, thymus gland, pancreas, reproductive glands etc.

It is simply amazing that practicing a sequence of 12 poses at once stimulates all the glands together and balances the hormones in the body and any imbalance is taken care of. eg: Ashwa sanchalna helps stimulate thyroid and gonad gland. Bhujangasana helps stimulate pancreas, thyroid and gonad glands ,plank stimulates pituitary and thymus glands and so on.

Another benefit sun salutation gives on spiritual perspective is to balance chakras(energy center). Each pose stimulates and activate different chakras and helps to release blocked or negative energy from the chakras . When all the chakras are in balance, you are at peace and centered and more inwardly aligned .

So it is just amazing what few rounds of sun salutation daily does to you.

It is advisable to practice it in the morning at sunrise but you can also do it in the afternoon or evening with empty stomach.

If you are a beginner, just start with 3-5 rounds and gradually increase number of rounds.

If you feel tired,lazy, stressed, you just practice few rounds and see the effects , it just magically removes all the negative energy from body.

It is said that, your best friend and teacher is your own experience. Hence to feel and experience all the above benefits, you need to experience it by yourself. So get set and enjoy the flow of SURYA NAMSKAR.

“I salute the sun, inhale that energy, flow into it and exhale all the worry, stress and problems and then I express my heartfelt gratitude to the universal creator”
~ Archana Amlapure

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