Sometimes, I ask my students in the class, what makes them happy? Very often, the answers I get like, spending time with family, pursuing their passion, spending time in nature etc. etc.

Then I wonder, why everyone seems to be running after more money, luxuries and more and more of everything.

There is nothing wrong in aspiring what we carve for, but we forget true nature of self and become victims of bad health, stress, anxiety and unhappiness during this process. We achieve more of temporary happiness rather than consistent happiness.

The true nature of all human being is bliss and happiness!

What is Happiness?

Happiness is a state of mind. We feel happy when we achieve what we want, which gives us satisfaction and peace of mind. We feel happy, when we have purpose or impact on society.

Positive psychology researcher Sonja Lyubomirsky elaborates in her book “The How of Happiness”, describing happiness as “the experience of joy, contentment, or positive well-being, combined with a sense that one’s life is good, meaningful, and worthwhile.”

Then, what prevents us from being happy?

  • Expectations
  • Ego
  • Overthinking
  • Jealousy, hatred

In Sanskrit, happiness is called as SUKHA…SU means excellent and KHA means space…that means happiness is quality of inner space.

What is inner space?

Our inner space is full of

  • Thoughts
  • Emotions/feelings
  • Memories

HAPPINESS is Inner space management or managing and balancing above things.

Circumstances, situations, relationships make us feel demotivated and takes away our happiness, but our attitudes can keep us healthy in any situation and circumstances. Less thoughts and less activities makes life simple and easy. Expansion is immense happiness, constriction is sadness, worries, stress, tension.

First step to manage your inner space is to manage and keep your outer space healthy. Ensuring outer space is also maintained well which contributes to inner space.

What is outer space and how we can manage it?

  • Family
  • Health
  • Friends
  • Work
  • Interests

Take out some time and check if each of this space is cluttered or organized.

When we shift our awareness from self to objects, situations and relationships, then activity of senses increases, and we move in the process of involution.

But when we shift our awareness from objects to self, dependency on senses reduces, we come close to our true self and process of evolution starts.

Regular Practice of Yoga helps and supports the process of evolutions and the tools used are:

  • Meditation/slowing down activities of mind
  • Yoga
  • Gratitude
  • Positive actions
  • Deep breathing

Nature of self is SATCHITANANDA as described in scriptures.

SAT- existence, CHIT- Consciousness, awareness and knowing ANANDA- blissfulness

Essential nature of self is bliss and peace.

But then why are we trying to achieve bliss, when the true nature itself is bliss.

Do you want to be happy without depending on any object?

Then we need to manage and nurture our inner space well

How do we manage our inner space?

Just by following below 5 tips we can manage inner space quiet well

  1. Write 3 things you are grateful for (21 days)

The struggles end when gratitude begins.

Very often we crib and complain about the things which we don’t have. Gratitude means having awareness for the many good, small or big things you have in your life. Gratitude can be expressing and putting it into words. When you express your gratitude regularly, then you can turn negativity into positivity, chaos into order, denial into acceptance, confusion into clarity and a house into home. When you have sense of abundance and realization, each day gets better and better.

Write three things everyday which your are grateful for , for 21 days to make this an habit and attract abundance in life.

  1. Keep Journal – write one positive things about yourself

Journaling is like whispering to oneself and listening at the same time- Mina Murray

Journaling is therapeutic as well as healing. Everyday along with Gratitude, write down one positive thing about yourself.

Always our mind tends to think or create situation which is not in your own favor and criticize us. The act of writing positive thing about you will help you to see things positively and train your brain to think more positively. It will automatically boost your self-esteem and reinforce that there are positive things in life and the happier you become.

  1. Yoga postures to train your body

The entry point or first outer space is your own physical body which needs to be taken care of. When you are healthy on your physically, then only you can manage your inner space very well or else you spend all the time managing your body. Yoga is the best way to train your body to strengthen muscles, improve immunity and stamina and increase flexibility. Dedicating 15 minutes daily and minimum 2-3 days in a week will have a magical effect on your outer space.

  1. Meditation to spend time with your self

Our bodies are designed to move and mind to stay still, but we do exactly opposite in this modern age. Meditation is the sure way to make your mind still and when it happens, you stay with yourself and this is the best way to spend time with yourself. This process makes it easier to manage your inner spaces. Meditation brings mental equipoise, inner calmness, increased awareness and brings behavioral modifications. You can start with just 3 mins. of meditation, just can sit quietly with eyes closed and concentrate on breathing.

Increase this time by 1 min for each meditation.

  1. Random act of kindness without expecting

If we all do one random act of kindness daily, we just might set the world in the right direction.

When we do something for others without any expectations, it gives the pure pleasure and happiness. Kindness gives the feeling of gratitude. It promotes empathy and compassion. Doing simple acts like helping others, holding door for someone behind you, giving the seat to elderly/needy people in bus or train, will lead to a sense of interconnectedness with others. It is the best way to release stress and studies also shows that the people who are happy are more kind.

So, do at least one act of kindness per day.

Happiness, in other words is satisfaction, relief, laugh, peacefulness, no disturbance, creativity, fulfillment, feeling energetic and empowered and these are triggered by actions, situations, people, events and relationships.

When we follow above tips, these triggers take less priority and you can focus more on the important task which you want to do.

Remember, wherever you direct your focus, energy floats towards that. Whatever you allow in your space, you eventually become that.

Finally, why not to make a choice to allow peace, content, stillness and feeling of joy and happiness to your inner space…

Happiness is a moment with YOU.

Is your outer space cluttered? Do you feel you need to help in managing your inner as well as outer space? Just reach out to us @ We can help you with managing and maintaining these space well.

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