How Yoga Changed My Life: Wellness Warrior Jane

Having decided to take on Yoga to help develop a healthy lifestyle, Jane contacted us to find out details. She did not need much convincing to sign up. It seemed she was determined. There was a drive-in her that brought out her commitment to her health.

Jane would arrive at unfailingly for every class. She never made an excuse. She came even when her daughter was unwell which would have acted as a deterrent for many. Her dedication to her own health is truly inspiring. Jane continuously challenges herself and never says no when it comes to pushing herself to get into poses that are tough. She does so with a smile and doesn’t give up. Jane is always seen trying to achieve the poses shown to the best of her ability without getting disappointed. It is this positive attitude of hers that makes every session of yoga more fulfilling and fruitful for her.

In her own words, “It has been three months since I joined Ojas Wellness and Yoga. Initially, I couldn’t do all the postures and poses but gradually I have gained strength and am at ease doing most of them. I feel happy about my accomplishments in such a little time.

Yoga has proved greatly beneficial to me. It is not only an exercise regime for me to develop strength and flexibility but yoga has shown me a new way of life. Yoga helps me ease my anxiety whenever I am stressed. It quietens my mind and gives me the courage to face the day when all I wanted to do was lie in bed and hope the day passed.

Yoga shows me a way to balance myself. It helps me to meditate. It provides peace where there was turbulence. It has given me confidence and optimism. It is not easy and does not happen overnight, but with persistence, I can see the results. I can see the increase in strength – physical and mental. It seems that I have become addicted to Yoga and that yoga has become a quintessential part of my life.

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I can only thank Archana and Ojas Wellness and Yoga for all the effort put in each one of us and appreciate the guidance to this new path of self-discovery.”

Wellness Warrior Jane’s story shows us how Yoga leads us to light and finding inner strength. It helps you have faith in yourself and motivates you to push yourself to achieve what you are truly capable of. I hope Jane’s determination inspires many others who have stopped believing in themselves and let yoga help them rediscover their true potentials.

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