I just watched Tamasha movie yesterday , did not have any clue about the story but  wanted to watch only for Deepika and Ranbir ,as they are together and their acting together is magical.
It is an average movie and this movie goes very slow and that is why it is not really doing good on box office. But I felt this movie addresses todays problem ,which if you see from outside is not very severe and does not need immediate attention ,but this problem is silently killing us ,which is also one of the reasons of Stress.

The fact is today’s youth is facing this problem. To my observation ,most  of us end up in wrong profession either because of no guidance or due to parent’s pressure or few other reasons. When they realize that they are not happy what they are doing ,conflict starts . Again another conflict is between survival (money) and following heart. People who are not happy what they are doing and they realize it , few of them don’t know what they want to do because they have not done anything else whole of their life so far and others who know what they want ,they don’t have proper path what to do and how to do.

Another thing which is seen in this movie is about SPEED and FOCUS. We are always in hurry and want everything faster and quicker. Aaj kal to instant ka zamana hai. Instant coffee ,instant food ,instant marriage etc. Everything needs to be fast. The Faster the better . In Yoga , stress is called as SPEED. Speed make us to work faster ,think faster ,act faster and in all this we forget to breath ..breath slowly i.e forget to slow down. We are always on the toes to achieve something or complete something. Of course with speed ,we are expected to be more focused . In the movie, when Ved is acting weird when he realize what he is doing is not what he always wanted and ask his boss in this situation ,what he would do. Boss replies , I would have focused more . I think in this age ,we have achieved this quality of focusing very well but we forgot to DEFOCUS .
What is DEFOCUS ..in yoga it simply means LET GO..Enjoy the things what you have rather than running behind the things which you don’t have . This is the biggest contributor to our daily lives stress.

Focusing is also a quality of left brain. As I said earlier ,we have learnt very well and developed our left brain ,but we have completely neglected our right brain. Right brain is associated with creativity. I am sure everyone has bit of it, everyone has some or the other interests or passions. We have lost this balance (balance between right and left brain ) in our lives . Stress can also be defined as imbalance. Yoga can help here to bring the balance , as Yoga is also defined as Balance between mind ,body and soul. Balance is something that can not be found ,it’s something you create. This is my personal experience and it is scientifically proven Yoga helps to find this balance . It is not only about practicing Yogaasanans (postures ) but all facets of yoga. One physical example, Nadishuddi pranayama ( Alternate nostril breathing ) helps to bring balance in right and left nostril ,which are in turn connected with left and right brains. Consistent practice of this pranayama really helps in long term. Yoga postures helps to keep you healthy ,flexible and fit . Pranayamas (breathing technique ) helps to balance and release paranas  (energy ) . Meditation helps you to defocus , to reduce thought process and bring clarity of mind and make better decision maker. Relaxation techniques help you to relax your mind and body. Additions to this , finding your passions and interests are like meditation. You enjoy what you do and which will help to relive the stress.

So guys take some time from your busy schedule ,follow your passions ,follow your interests , reflect on your own thoughts  and practice YOGA..  I am sure stress and anxiety levels will definitely come down and there will peace in everyone’s mind.

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