“Believe in YOURSELF and all that you are, Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any OBSTACLE.” Words of famous American author Christian Larsen and truly believed by Prachi. The power of yoga is only rivaled by that of the mind and Prachi’s story proves it.

Ojas Yoga and Wellness was contacted by Prachi’s husband for details regarding the classes and all the benefits of yoga. There seemed to be but one problem. They lived quite far from the studio. It would take her more than an hour to reach class. It seemed impossible that Prachi would come for a trial class let alone as a regular student. But, Prachi came for the trial class. She mentioned that she had a back problem and she had suffered from slip disc issues earlier. In the conversation, it was also revealed that she did not have help at home. All these factors and my previous experience with people led me to believe that she will not join. There were too many reasons not to join or rather excuses for not joining than for joining.

Prachi enjoyed the trial class and I saw a determination in her eyes. The strength reflecting from her eyes showed her will to continue this arduous journey for herself and her family. She did not want to give up. She wanted to improve her health and flexibility slowly but surely. Prachi was shown variations in postures to build stamina, strength and flexibility. She was advised about dos and don’ts. I was going to be there to help her achieve her goal through the power of yoga.

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Prachi became a regular much to my surprise and great admiration. Very few show such determination and dedication. In all my years of teaching yoga, I have heard too many excuses –too far, timings don’t work, too busy. I rarely come across such commitment. She came week after week without missing classes so that she could improve her health.

Soon there was an improvement in her flexibility and strength. Poses that were achieved with great difficulty and pain earlier were now being done easily.

In her own words, “I am 42 years old and a mother of two kids. I love to stay fit as it gives me happiness. But I had to stop strenuous activities because of the slip disc that I suffered. Nevertheless, the desire to do something for my fitness never faded. This desire led me to join yoga classes. At first, I was skeptical that it might aggravate my back pain. But after a few classes only, I started feeling good and felt as if my body had been released from the bondage of some kind. Yoga energizes me and elevates my inner self. It empowers me.  I know I am on the right path and in the right hands. My yoga instructor has enabled me to challenge myself and to develop a positive attitude towards the transforming power of yoga. She inspires me to help and motivate those who feel constrained due to their health.”

Prachi’s story shows her will to be the master of her own destiny and not let anything stand in her way to achieve success. It tells you that if you decide, then nothing can prevent you from doing things that matter to you. I applaud Prachi for all her effort and will power and hope that her story becomes a driving force for those who want to but won’t help themselves.

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