I felt something is not quite correct, maybe because my event did not go well. Hold on, my preparation and delivery were perfect, but results were not up to expectations. Deep down, I knew that my performance was perfect, but the weight of expectation was so heavy that it was not letting me make the peace.
I felt like talking to someone, I tried reaching few friends to talk, but nobody seems to have time for me. You know when you think something does not work according to you, you feel entire world goes against you. Power of MIND.

Then I decided to go for a long walk with my headphones on, music was running in the background, but my mind was busy still going back and forth between the event and lot of other things. Crazy thoughts had occupied my mind, I felt as if I am the only one going through this and it can’t get worse than that.
And then suddenly, I heard someone saying, “Dear, trust your plan, trust your purpose, trust your hard work. Don’t give up “. As if I stumbled upon a big stone, I completely froze. I could not believe I heard something, as I did not see anyone around me or talking to me.

After a moment, I realized it is not someone, but my own voice, my inner self-telling me this. And I did hear it so clearly. So much clarity, so much assurance, and so much confidence were there in that voice. I felt my breath was settling down, resting after working hard and running faster.

I thought to myself, yes, I have a plan, I have a purpose. I just can’t let my momentary expectations distract myself from my bigger purpose. There is a time for everything. Maybe there are some bigger things in store for me. So just let it go and work hard on your next idea instead of spending time thinking about it.
This gave me so much relief, I felt so light like a feather.

I had this little voice always giving me suggestions and talking to me. I either didn’t hear it or simply ignored it earlier. Earlier, I was so occupied with the external world, external voices and people around me. They always controlled me. But now despite all the external noise, I could hear it so clearly. Because I am closer to myself now. I take a pause, I try to listen to my thoughts and take them as it is without analyzing it, I sit in silence. I try to hear my own sound. Yes, every day I sit in silence and try to empty my mind so that it doesn’t get corrupted with crazy and silly thoughts. Even if it gets sometimes, at least inner voice is so strong to guide me.

Yes, I do Meditation every day. Initially, many times, I felt I simply wasting time, nothing is happening. Most of the time, being occupied with thoughts, going through to do list, planning the future event or simply go to the past incidences, but now I realized the power.
Everything where your mind, breath, and body works together on a purpose, it definitely gives the positive results.

Have you tried to sit and listened to your thoughts and cut them down if they do not serve you well. Have you tried to work on it? If not start now, your life will be enriched and enlightened.
“Develop the inner vision and the habit of listening to the inner voice: and you are assured of unshakable Peace and infinite joy “ …so much truth in this and this can only be experienced.

How can we follow this? This is very simple but very difficult to consistently keep it in routine.
Try to sit in silence for 5 mins daily and depends on the time you have, you can increase duration.You can play some soothing background music or to hold on to it, you can concentrate on breathing or an object like the symbol, picture etc. This you need to make a habit and need a lot of patience and practice.

It is very less time to consume and cost effective where without spending so much, you get so much more in return.
So, increase your intuition power, meditate and listen to your own inner voice, which knows you better than anyone else.

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  • Prashant Dash
    Posted 12/01/2018 2:50 am 0Likes

    Very nice. Sounds difficult to get to the Inner Voice though.

  • Jayashree
    Posted 12/01/2018 12:37 pm 0Likes

    You penned down exactly what every single women feels atleast some point of time in her life. Good effort. Keep going! 5min to ourselves is indeed very rewarding.

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