What is the purpose of my life?

Very often ,my mind used to fill with this question.

As the quote by Bishop T.D. Jakes, ” If you can’t figure out your purpose,figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose” , This is how i found my passion, purpose and myself!

I was about 12 yrs old. One day my dad asked me a profound question, He asked..”Sweetie, When you grow up ,what do you want to become?

“Daddy, I want to become a dancer”

He looked at me in the eyes and said….. “ARE YOU MAD? In the past 20 generations in our family, we had no dancer…….. You will not be a dancer. You will be……. an Engineer

“Why daddy?”

“I am an Engineer. Engineers are cool.”

My fate was decided. I never thought of becoming a dancer again.

When I grew up, I graduated as an engineer. Got a job in the IT field. High paying and soul-crushing…

As I entered corporate world, I was happy. New environment, good salary, new friends, good corporate facilities , everything was just PERFECT LIFE. After a while, it started to fade, the perfect life started becoming imperfect. Office place started feeling like a desert filled with ‘zombies’ playing office politics. No fun. No interest.  Only stress. I was stuck.

Have you ever walked into your work place and wondered why you work here ?

I was lost and often ask myself.. Why I am here ? “What am I doing ? Is this the life I wanted ? What is the purpose of my life?”

I started feeling drained, low energy day by day. Which resulted in work pressure, anxiety, stress and constant irritation. It greatly affected my health and sleep. I slowly lost faith in myself. It affected my relations, with my husband and son. I was always in complaining or cribbing mode. My husband would always say to me …” Why are you always angry? I would say  “I am not angry. You don’t understand me, You don’t love me! “ My husband started seeing me as angry young woman – who destroys his peace of mind. I always shouted and yelled at my son and most of the time I would tell him….” You are just like your father” and he started seeing me as a Monster Mom.

I even did MBA to help myself ,but it didn’t help

I almost lost interest in my personal life and on the verge of getting into depression. I felt a disconnect between me……. and my….. true self.

Then, one day, on my way to work, I saw a huge poster of a beautiful girl doing Yoga. She looked happy. “Maybe I should try this out. This can’t be more boring than working in the office.”

The first day of Yoga was amazing, I felt something shift inside of me. I felt energized. After next session, I was more energetic ,active and less drained . With every session, there was a new shift inside of me, I was exploring myself more, reducing that gap between me and myself

“What was causing this change in me?”

I started feeling refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated. Out of curiosity, I  studied this ancient science and  graduated as a yoga teacher. As a healthier, happier and a harmonious person,I started taking responsibilities and ownership at the work  . I was a confident ,energetic and a happy person. Other people started noticing about it, my colleagues and my friends told me “You are so full of energy every day. You are happy always.”. Some even said “You look beautiful and younger.”.

One day, in my meditation, I realized what I was missing. I used to stay away from my true self, but now more connected to myself, more close to my heart and soul. With that  enlightenment ,My body, mind and soul was dancing in harmony and felt fulfilled. I thought, if this can help me, it can help others who are stressed and depressed by their work and life. I wanted to “help others to find themselves and help them connect back to their heart and soul” and Yoga was my recipe.

I decided to leave my high earning, well settled job to live a real and purposeful life.

Have you ever kept suffering in your job, just because you needed job security and money?”

I was doing it ,but not anymore ,I resigned from my job. It was a big shock for my family and friends. One friend literally scolded me “You are an engineer. You are an MBA from a prestigious college. You have a good settled, high earning life which everybody dreams of. Now you leave it all just for Yoga.  Why?

I wanted to help others to be happy and help connect back to their soul and heart .

I found my purpose …I found MYSELF !

Have you ever felt lost? Have you ever felt stuck and drained at times?

Are you really close to yourself , your true self ? Or  is there a disconnect?

Have you really found yourself, your true self?

If you haven’t found the answer…. Don’t google it….. come to me.

I can help you find your answer.

I can help  bring you closer to your inner self.

I can help you find YOU. 

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  • Tushar
    Posted 16/11/2017 4:52 am 0Likes

    Wonderfully written . Simple & true

    • Admin
      Posted 17/11/2017 5:16 am 0Likes

      Thank you, Tushar…you are the witness of this..:-)

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