Women are good in multitasking but having been able to do so effectively also causes her fatigue and burnout sometimes. They need to slow down and relax. Restorative yoga gives a good opportunity to do that.

That was the intention i had first started restorative class on the occasion of International women’s day last year. And we are continuing it till date.

Recently one lady came for trial class and at the end she said ” Why didn’t I find you earlier”..

It gives me so immense satisfaction leading this class and seeing them refresh and recharged at the end of the class.

So, here are 5 reason why every women should go for restorative yoga very often

1.     Space to relax systematically 

Very Often even if we get time to relax, we always want to accomplish many things, do more or simply social media will be distraction.

Restorative yoga gives opportunity to relax systematically as you are in the group class setting.

2.     Enhances flexibility 

Restorative Yoga is where we hold a pose for longer time about 2-3-minute supporting props. Hence it is going to give deep stretching to that body parts. Though the goal of restorative yoga is not flexibility. Regular practice of restorative yoga enhances flexibility.

3.     Theme of the class

Most of the time I chose theme of the class like letting go, self-care, gratitude, stepping up etc. Throughout the class would give some small nuggets of wisdom on these topics. Which helps to manage emotions and the environment they are in perfectly syncs with the wisdom

4.     Builds awareness 

Awareness is the key element of mindfulness. Without awareness we don’t get clarity. So, when someone is being in that posture, it helps to bring awareness to muscles and body parts you feel stretched and also to thoughts and emotions you are going through.

5.     Being in the state of being

In this age, we are constantly busy. Probably not physically much but with mind. Many things go on in mind. Though you relax, your mind can not relax. Hence you are always doing something mentally.

In this yoga, you are stretching muscles, breathing slows down and activates parasympathetic nervous system and hence it helps to automatically reduce thoughts from mind. Hence it brings you to state of being there and acting as a witness.

There are many more benefits than this. The only way to feel these benefits is to experience it.

I am sure it will not disappoint anyone.

Each and every one deserves to be caring for self and spending time for their own rejuvenation.

Below is my favourite quote during restorative session

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