“The greatest wealth is HEALTH”  we have been reading this quote since our childhood, yet

“Health is not valued until sickness comes” ~ Thomas muller

In this pandemic, working without break day after day , hearing out about health issues, helping many with yoga and wellness, one thing I noticed clearly is that, the ones who took full charge of their health and life, are the ones who have come out of sickness, pains and aches, mental health issues etc. faster, stronger and better.

Yet there are many I observe when they take break from healthy practices due to high workload, health conditions or any other reasons, it’s a difficult task for them to come back to healthy routine.

And there are other group of people whom I have seen showing up day after day despite all the life challenges. From my own practices and observing these all-wellness warriors, here are 5 powerful tips for continued, consistent and committed practice to keep oneself healthy, positive, and happy.

If being consistent in your practices is your one of the new year resolution, this is for you

  1. Make priority for self care

We tend to procrastinate or give less importance to the things which are we think low priority or less important. Until we make self-care, taking care of mind and body our priority, things will not work.

Whatever life demands, however busy one is, one can still take out few minutes for exercising, meditating, nurturing thoughts, and emotions to build positive attitude. Believe me, if you make this priority, you save time in many other things like sickness, recovering from anger, managing aches and pains, managing stress etc.

“Self-care is a priority and necessity and not a luxury”

2.Have a health budget

When we do budget planning, we keep budget for buying house, car, school, holidays etc. then why not have health budget. This will help you for your budget planning on membership or health and wellness classes. This is like investment today and you get benefit life long ,saving you from sickness, doctor fee and hospitalization bill etc.

“Your health is an investment and not an expense”

3. Have a schedule

This is a gamechanger to keep yourself healthy, particularly when life gets busy. When you have a schedule that you will attend 2 or 3 Yoga sessions weekly, go to for walk or run min 3 days a week, do meditation daily at 7am etc, you will be putting an effort to do it. This task is as important as the meeting with your boss or client, so add this into your calendar.

4. Show up/Push yourself

As I speak to my very regular clients who do not miss their class, who make every attempt to show up, they tell one thing commonly is “To push yourself” is their mantra. Many a time we go to comfort zone. Whatever circumstances or limitations you are going through, according to situations you can definitely keep a healthy routine eg: if can’t do yoga, exercise, do light stretching, focus breathing and mindfulness practices.

“Push yourself as no one is going to do it for you”

5. Celebrate life/ Celebrate your effort

Many a time, I end the session asking all to take a moment to appreciate their effort of taking time out to work on their mind and body.  Pat yourself for this effort.  This internal motivation will keep you on track consistently.

So, celebrate life. Try to bring positivity and enthusiasm at every moment of life. Celebrate your effort, give yourself treat with your fav food, relaxing a day, pamper yourself with shopping or anything what suits you well.

“The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in to celebrate life” ~Operah Winfry “

These tips will help your to be consistent with your new year resolution.

“Results (positivity, vibrant health, enthusiastic approach, joyful living)


Excuses(I am too busy, my health is not allowing me, Yoga is too slow for me, I can’t get up in the morning etc.)



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