common Myths of Yoga heard often! When I was young, I learnt Yoga out of curiosity and each time I used to attend classes, it always made me more curious and interested to learn more. But in between years, due to studies, ambitions I lost the touch, only to found it later as my stress relieving tool. After a long gap of almost 6-7 years, my first Yoga class was life changing experience for me. Every time, I attended the class, it made me happy more and more.

This interest finally took me so far that I resigned from my well settled job and plunged into the career of Yoga teacher. This journey is fulfilling, inspiring and full of learnings.

Yoga is the only workout for me, physically and mentally. In my years of teaching as Yoga teacher, I have seen how Yoga has been life changing experience for many.

Now I can analyze by expression if someone is doing Yoga for first time if they liked it or not.  Yoga is such an amazing tool, it will leave with some experience each time for everyone. This is my opinion and am sure for them as well who practice regularly.

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But as a yoga teacher, I get lot of questions around fitness, how will I lose weight? How will I improve core strength? How to reduce belly fat? And so on. But very often, when I ask people to try Yoga, very often I hear statements or opinions they have about Yoga, which is stopping them to loose out on the experience. I call it as Myths of Yoga.

Today I want to list common Myths of Yoga heard often! I came across in my journey

  1. Yoga is too slow

Once someone mentioned, I like faster workout and Yoga is too slow.  Of course, you need mindfulness to do poses where you coordinate your mind, body and breath, which is what it gives the impression of slowness. Nowadays, there is power Yoga which is like a faster version of poses. As there are different style of yoga like vinyasa, hatha, ashtanga, yin and style can be chosen based on what you like. Whatever style you choose, yoga gives the same benefits to everyone.

  1. I am not flexible to do Yoga

And that is what Yoga is best for to improve flexibility. Yoga, if you take it as form of exercise (though I believe it is the way of life) is the best form to increase flexibility. Yoga poses ensures that you get deep stretching and toning of the muscles. Staying and holding in the pose is the best way to improve flexibility

  1. I am not disciplined to do Yoga

Yes, Yoga needs discipline, but what in life does not need discipline? If you want to work on something e.g: strength and you have joined the boot camps or cardio but baby, you need to have discipline to attend those classes as well.

If you need to be successful in anything you are working on, you need to be disciplined in that area and same goes with Yoga.

You just need dripline to come on the Mat, rest will be taken care of

  1. Yoga is for women

Yoga classes are mainly filled with women. Though it is gaining popularity among men slowly but still the ratio is not equal. It is believed that men need more high intensity and rigorous routine. Oh but, they need to try Yoga high time, if need high intensity and rigorous routine. Though Yoga is not physical, it is holistic approach. But if you consider only physical aspect, it can beat all the odds.

  1. With Yoga I do not lose weight

Yes, Yoga is not a way to lose weight, it is for overall well-being. But if you are really consistent and honest with your practice, it will definitely help you to shed kilos, moreover helps to tone your body. People who are regular in my classes, often mention that they fit in their old trousers if they are sincere and regular.

Do you also have any of these myths?

Is one or more of these myths holding you back from trying Yoga, then reflect on it. Take help of good Yoga teacher who can guide you what is best and what can work for you?

Yoga is an ancient technique which has scientific backup. According to me, Yoga will never fail anyone, it is just the matter of taking first step to the MAT.

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