Whenever I go to parties or events, sometimes friends tell me, “Oh, you are a yoga teacher, you must be very particular what you eat. Maybe, you will not have that sweet “.

But frankly, I like to eat good food. When I eat, I don’t think so much if it is too much sweet, fried and oily but yes, I am mindful how much I eat. As in Yoga it says ..Balance is everything.

So basically, when I eat, I don’t restrict myself not eating food, but I am vey picky and choosy, so which makes me a mindful eater too.

Recently at my studio inauguration, my teacher Manoj Thakur mentioned that Yoga doesn’t restrict any one to eat less or more. Its philosophy is to have balance in everything we do.

He mentioned very interesting analogy which fit perfectly to our modern age. when we are born, we all are Yogis, then as we grow up we become bhogis(who take pleasure in eating) and later on we becomes Rogis( who suffer from various diseases). This is very appropriate description as I see rise in digestive related problems.

Gas, bloating very common among women. Stomach upset, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea and so on are very common.

Though awareness is increasing on eating healthy and organic food, but these issues are still on rise. Kids as young as 4-5 yrs having constipation and stomach upset.

For adults, along with diet, stress is affecting majorly.

So here I am listing 4 awesome tips to take care of your stomach and improve digestion and eat food you like without thinking so much

1.     Start your day with 1-2 glass of warm water

This will help to regulate bowel movement, cleanse intestines and relive constipation. Hence, it helps for digestion.

2.     Don’t drink water immediately after meal

When you drink water immediately after meal or when you eat, it dilutes all the nutrients from food. You won’t get required amount of nutrients from your food. Also, from my own experience, when I give gap between meal and water, I feel lighter. So, give gap of 35-45 mins of gap between food and water.

3.     Drink a glass of water before you go to bed if you had fried food or heavy dinner

Generally during events and parties, we sometimes eat Fried food or have heavy meal, which sometimes can’t be avoided. After eating oily food specially for dinner, oil gets accumulated in intestines, which is nothing but toxins. So warm water helps to cleans intestines. It also saves you from throat irritation after eating oily food.

4.     Regular practice of Yoga

People who practice regularly Yoga have healthy digestive system. Yoga helps to strengthen digestive system. Twisting and forward bend poses like ardhmastendrasana, Paschimottaasana helps to stimulate digestion. Yoga pose Vajrasana helps for faster digestion and can be done immediately after meal.

Yoga and breathing helps to release stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety lead to lot of digestion related problems like acidity, IBS, bloating and so on.

If you include above tips in your daily routine, it helps for faster digestion and improves metabolism.

And healthy digestion is very important for good health and wellness. If digestion gets disturbed, it affects health.

 Need help in mitigating and managing digestive related problems like Ga, bloating, constipation, IBS, diarrhea, Acidity, feel free to connect to me.

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