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Meditation is what changed my life. Meditation is what gave answers to my many questions. Meditation is where I find peace and took time to think and analyze.But that did not make me seasoned Yogi or I can sit through meditation hours and hours. I still struggle sometimes or sometimes it is very easy. But I have not denied the meditation.
When I introduced Meditation in my teaching and offerings. I got a good response. People loved it. But felt that few people were always hesitant for even trying Meditation. The reasons they always mentioned was what I felt the Myths or misconceptions they have around meditation.
The myths are myths because we have not let ourselves break misconceptions and try out which is not in our comfort zone.
Here are the common misconception or Myths which I came across
  1. 1. I can’t concentrate
Many times, my clients said they don’t want to join Meditation session because they can’t concentrate or focus.
As I clarify this, Meditation is not about concentration or focusing. Once my teacher said, in modern society where efficiency is important, we have become too good in focusing. But meditation is not about focusing but about defocusing.
Defocusing is not distraction but defocusing is about being aware of surrounding while we focus on something.
Yes, very often in Meditation it is asked to concentrate on breathing, feeling, sensation, thoughts etc , but it is to clear mind with thoughts of past and future and bring you to present moment.
Meditation is not concentration: Concentration is a result of Meditation.  ~Yog Bhooshan Maharaj
  1. 2. I cant sit still
In many meditations, it has been asked to sit at one place and one of the reasons being, when you sit straight and keep back/spine upright, then energy flow from spine is better and help you to keep alert. Initially, it would be difficult, but practice will make it easy.
And still, if you find it difficult, then there are different types of meditation where you don’t have to sit e.g: Dynamic meditation, dance meditation etc.
Meditation is being tune with our inner energy source.
  1. 3. I can’t control my thoughts
Again, Meditation is not about controlling thoughts or stopping them, but in fact meditation is all about letting go of your thoughts. That means let it flow, analyze them and bring awareness. Bringing awareness will help to understand which thoughts are troubling, what are worries, are you just overly thinking, are you stuck in any bad memories? These are the awareness you create during meditation but not by controlling them but letting them flow in and releasing them
True Meditation is letting go of manipulating our experience… ~Adyashanti
  1. Meditation is religious practice
Yoga and meditation is often associated with religion. But it is nothing to do with religion. But in fact every religion has emphasis on meditation but given different names like prayers, chanting, worshipping. Meditation is all about bringing mind to present moment, taking pause and relaxing and rejuvenating mind and body
If you still have any myths around meditation then maybe you are keeping yourself away from awesome practice which is scientifically proved to reduce stress, anxiety, improve immunity, reduces chronic illness etc.
Meditation helps to reduce beta level that means it helps to reduce number of thoughts in mind. When you have clarity, you will automatically get solutions for your problem.
Meditation reduces fight and flight response by reducing stress hormones ie cortisol and hence you can take better decisions at times of crisis. Hence it makes you better leaders.
Successful personalities like Steve Jobs, Opara winfry, Madona, Jeff Winer claim that they do daily meditation.
And many of my clients who are big fan of Meditation say that it gives them direction for the day.
So many benefits and simple practice, nobody should be away from this practice.
In fact, it must be inculcated in society from young age to make them better leaders, person and responsible citizen.
                                              The goal of meditation isn’t to control your thoughts , its to stop letting you control them
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