April 2022 marks the special Anniversary of the OJAS Yoga and Wellness when I (Archana) opened the Ojas Yoga studio five years ago, with a dedicated space for every session with a vision that creates a place where it changes the lives of people by practicing yoga.

Before moving to a functional studio, it was an epic journey where I made sessions in parks, condos, and tiny rooms on Joo Chiat road. I was the only teacher, teaching two classes per week in 700 square foot single-room space.

I have a lot of memories carried on this beautiful journey. Still, remember the days when my students carried their joy to restart their journey even after a long haul of gaps.

Over the years, our studio has been improvised with many features to provide maximum experience to our clients. We constantly add the most significant benefits to our sessions with proper flooring and amenities.

We helped people with online courses for daily and weekly classes during a pandemic crisis to keep everyone consistent with their practice. We still have a hybrid model of classes, both online and in-person, for our clients’ convenience.

By the end of 1st year, we have reached 25 classes per week. Now the studio has grown, and we have got high-trained experienced yoga teachers who help the students in every situation.

We’ve finally reached the place where I don’t need to check in every day to the studio. After four years of everybody’s hard work, I trust and depend on my staff. Now, I can check on the goings of the studio and take a family vacation or spend extra time with the family.

I am grateful to everyone who has helped me make this little studio possible. I thank my yoga teachers in my studio and the beautiful yoga community who always showed their trust and faith.

And I am so grateful for the one who stands behind the scenes of the studio’s success, my husband and son, who spent countless hours with dad when mom was in the studio.

In celebration of our 5th Birthday, we host a series of giveaways in April and May.

Let us keep the giveaways as OJAS Surprise.

Thank you for all your friendship and support over these past five years.

Team Ojas Yoga – Yoga | Meditation | Wellness | Healing 

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