COVID-19 Time to pause, reflect and organize

A balance or equilibrium is very important in our lives. It is a balance of everything around and within us. It is the core of our being. If this balance is shaken, we are affected.

Whenever there is disturbance in this equilibrium, it is an indication that we need to slow down, pause and reflect. For example, sometimes we get too busy in our lives, constantly running, coping with deadlines, finishing projects, working night after night and then suddenly, the stress gets to us. It results in us falling sick which automatically puts a break on our activities because our system needs rest. It needs to breathe and slow down. It cannot cope with everything we put it through and breaks down much like a machine when worked constantly without a pause, gets heated and stops.

The world is forging ahead, revolutionising at a great pace – inventions, travel, and globalisation. There is no stopping mankind. People are in a rat race, moving quickly to reach their goals. No one wants to slow down, slowing down only means incompetency.

People love to travel; vacations to exotic destinations have become a trend, not just to enjoy the place but to boast that we too have been there. We use devices constantly looking for instant gratification. Devices that are constantly being upgraded and therefore, creating a competition about who is using the latest model. Socialising and parties have become such a fad. There are political issues, border issues, power issues, terrorism, and diseases. The list is increasing and also at a fast pace. There never seems to be any time for any personal well-being. We keep postponing things that should be of great value to us actually like our health.

We were contacted by a lady for a weight loss program. She clearly needed to do something as the excess weight was affecting other aspects of her body and overall health. It seemed as if time was running out and if she did not start something to reduce the weight, she would be severely affected. Even such a dire situation did not allow for reflection. There were reasons to postpone the unimportant. She was going to be travelling so could not follow a diet. She was going to be away for more than a week so starting a five week program of diet and exercise could not be taken up immediately. She would join later. It was evident that health was not her priority. She does not stand alone but with many who are similar.

Our houses are filled to the ceilings. We love to hoard things. We feel why throw away perfectly good things, we can use them later or give them away later. The later never comes and things get piled up or hidden away in the dark recesses of our cupboards. The space around us is also congested and cluttered just like our minds and our bodies. Even if we think of clearing up the mess, the sheer enormity of the task forces us to postpone it. We make promises to ourselves that we will do it soon sometime in the future, when the particular assignment at work is over, when the holidays start, before the vacations get over, when there is some free time, tomorrow. That tomorrow never comes.

COVID-19 time is forcing us to rethink and pause. Owing to COVID-19 travel has stopped, social gatherings and outdoor activities have reduced. We have nothing but time on our hands. Let’s spend this time well.

Let’s start by organising our lives during COVID-19 time. The first step is to declutter the space around you. Gather as a family and get rid of unwanted things. Remove extra and old things that have not been touched for months. It will create a positive vibe around the house.

Next, structure your lives. Make health a priority, schedule in some form of exercise. Focus on what you are eating and how much. Find the time to meditate or reflect. Take care of yourself and your personal hygiene. Find time for yourself. Take the time to live and enjoy every moment.

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This is the time to analyse which area of your life needs help and organising. Is it your health, your relationships, your house, your interests and passions or your work? Let’s use this COVID-19 time wisely. Instead of focussing on negative thoughts, discussing the same or similar news, panicking, overreacting, hoarding, gossiping, concentrate on simplifying our lifestyles and going back to the basics. Use this time to create stronger bonds in relationships, listen and be there for each other or delve deep to find yourself.

We need hope and trust to live through this situation. Only faith and belief can take us through these trying times. If you are affected, believe that you will recover. If you are not affected, be grateful and hope that you do not face it. Your strength in these difficult times is the biggest gift that you can pass onto your children. Children can sense anxiety and fear easily. If we pass ours to them, we do not provide hope or trust but a life of uncertainty and fear.

The longest journey is the journey inwards.

This can be start of that journey

Slow down


Go inwards.

Find your true power.

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