Anugraha, who is 15 yrs old studying in 8th grade came to me with Migraine problem

Her dad contacted and asked if I can take pranayama for her as they heard pranayama would help release her migraine. I told him, its not only pranayama but we would need holistic approach and we need to check root cause of the migraine, what is causing migraine?

It was during school holiday, he contacted me. I suggested to start immediately as now she is free and can give some time for herself.

SO Anu came with Migraine problem, frequent headaches, Migraine attacks. She has been suffering from last 2 years


  • Frequent migraine attacks
  • One sided migraine
  • Blurry vision during Migraine
  • Vomiting during Migraine
  • Heavy sinus
  • Eating dairy products creates gas, bloating which leads to Migraine


She said that when she eats dairy products, even a small bite it would lead to Migraine. Sometimes in parties she would eat something unknowingly and then she will suffer.

Her sinus was very bad, it gets worse in the afternoon and evening time. She would need to always carry tissues always, felt her head heavy.

Most of the time, when she gets migraine, she had to miss her school and exams. She could not enjoy play time or parties with friends, she used get migraine attacks very often. Her sleep got affected.

She used to wake in the morning feeling dizzy. Most of the time, feel tired in the class. Due to sinus, breathing got affected.

Whenever she showed to doctor, they just gave her medicine, which would only work during pain, but did not help  much. She was solely dependent on Panadol and paracetamols during pain and was tired of taking medicines as it was not helping much.


Wellness therapy:

We started with yoga and pranayama. First two sessions were focused on releasing pain and tightness on neck, shoulder. Also added postures on releasing gas and bloating.

Head rolling was very effective, which is like massaging head, which opens up the nerves. Added other poses like shashankasana, childs pose, setubandhasana , shoulder stand and fish pose.

These poses ensure blood flow to head region and releases the tightness of the nerves by frequent migraine and headaches.It also help strengthen Neck and shoulder muscles so that during migraine, pain will be managed better as muscles are strong to bear the pain.

Pranayama like kapalbhati, left nostril breathing, bhrastria, Bhramari helped in relaxing nerves as well as from sinus, blocked nose.

I introduced her Jal Neti due to her heavy sinus. First time itself when we did, she mentioned that she felt that her phlegm just melted, and she felt lighter.

Every session would end with OM chanting following by affirmation “My immunity is getting stronger and my migraine is releasing “ . This had really helped her to affirm on the results she needed.

She started seeing results after 3 rd session, she said whenever she would get pain, headache, she used to do childs pose, viprit karani and deep breathing suggested by me, which she mentioned helped her to come out of pain faster.

She was given a set to practice at home which included migraine specific poses, breathing exercises and Jal neti to be done alternate days.

Later, we added Soul bowl healing session, where we worked on relaxation and balancing energies.

After first sound healing session, she mentioned that she saw the AURA/pattern which she generally sees during migraine. She said that it is fading away. Each session, she saw a flash of aura fading away. This was the sign of releasing pain and migraine.

Along with these techniques, I felt that it is her dedication to sincerely practice and follow what been suggested by me each time. Now she everyday practice yoga and pranayama and do Jalneti.


Changes in her life

She says that, now she doesn’t get frequent migraine attack as earlier. Even if she gets, it remains for short duration and not very painful as earlier. Mostly she doesn’t get vomiting and with 1-2-hour migraines gets better. Now she spends days without blocked nose or even without carrying tissues with her all the time.

It does not affect her play time or spending time with family and friends. It does not affect her studies and exams anymore. She says it is better and can deal with better way.



What worked most for her is, her dedication and consistency. She followed all the instructions properly. She was observant and knew what was working for her and what was not.

She was committed, and her commitment lead her to these results, which was faster and effective.




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