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Experience the convenience of our virtual yoga classes, designed for those with busy schedules or unable to attend in-studio sessions. Join us from anywhere and enjoy the comfort of practicing yoga in the tranquility of your own home. Save time and effort on travel while still prioritizing your well-being. Embrace the flexibility of online yoga classes tailored to suit your lifestyle.

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Yoga is a practice that has been existing in this world for years. However, with the advent of technology, it is easier to enjoy the benefits of yoga from home through online classes.

Our online classes include various styles of yoga, including vinyasa, kundalini, and hatha yoga. In addition, our live-streamed courses provide an opportunity to improve your flexibility, increase your strength and help you figure out the peace.

Our instructors help you with guided meditation, posture tutorials, and personalized class recommendations. Another advantage of Ojas online classes is we help in teaching various postures and different styles.

During the session’s initial stage, we will help you with small levels of movement, then to the medium phase, and then as per your body, the level keeps increasing. You can see the progress of your body as the level increases. The additional features include the ability to interact with your teacher or other participants.

The moment the other participants raise their questions and the instructor answers, you can get a clear idea of many questions and answers related to yoga, which might be beneficial in the future.

Ojas online classes offer a convenient way for people with a  busy work schedule who live far away from the yoga studio.



1) What are online yoga classes?

Online yoga classes are virtual classes that offer yoga instruction and practice through the internet. Participants can access these classes from a computer, tablet, or smartphone and practice yoga with an instructor in real time or through pre-recorded sessions. Regardless of location, individuals can enjoy the benefits of yoga from their homes.


2) How effectively can we do yoga online classes?

One can effectively do yoga online by having a schedule with a qualified instructor. However, having a stable and reliable internet connection, a certified and experienced teacher, an individual’s self-discipline, and yoga equipment are required for a practical online yoga class.


3) What are the benefits of joining online classes at Ojas Yoga?

One major advantage of joining Ojas Yoga is convenience and cost-effectiveness. Apart from this, you can receive personalized attention and feedback from the instructor, making it easy to refine and improve your skills.

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month $140 (unlimited), month $98 (upto18 classes)