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“After I joined Ojas yoga 2 years back I have never looked back. Archana is a sincere teacher and extremely positive in how she treats the beginners and experienced yogis. I joined with minimal flexibility but in the group classes never felt left out or like a loser which I felt in other Yoga schools or gyms. The sessions are well crafted to cover various aspects Mental, Spiritual and Physical development. My running cadence improved and timing for my half marathon improved immensely after only few months of yoga with Archana. Also the best part is there’s no hard selling.
Everyone is relaxed the moment they enter the class. The affirmations at the end of the class along with the yoga practice helps me tackle the day’s grind with ease. They have online and at studio classes which is great for working people. I wish Ojas yoga studio all the very best and continue my journey with them.”
Lopamudra Khanna
“I returned to yoga primarily beacouse of migraine.I have had an enriching experience of yoga for a year now which has greatly helped me.I have enjoyed Archana’s enthusiasm,patience & love for yoga & would recommend it to everyone.”
Namrata Mehta
“I really enjoy Archana’s classes.She takes the time to explain pose’s & gently encourages you to challenge yourself.I have learned a lot more in just a few of her classes then at any of the big yoga studies where you are just a number in the world.”
Emma Taylor Rydhard
“I have been doing Yoga classes with Archana for over a year now.She is an Extremely committed & naturally gifted Yoga instructor.Her session are very engaging &all rounded. You don’t know where the hour goes.At the end of every class my body and my brain both feel rejuvenated and refreshed with loads of positive energy.”
Nadya Ahmed
“In this busy world where everyone is just out to get superficial results, even the yoga teachers, Archana, comes like a breath of fresh air. She focuses on pranayama, gentle yoga postures, and most importantly meditation/relaxation post the class. She slowly builds up your strength, flexibility and helps you work your way towards deeper and advanced postures. There is always a focus on listening to your body and mind. That truly helps one to go into yoga sadhana, as yoga is a much about controlling your mind/thoughts as much it is about your body. I am grateful to have her teach me, and look forward to my learning curve with her.”
Anjali Agrawal
“Thanks Archana for hosting such a wonderful session. The music, the breeze, the waves and the instructor at its best.”
Shiv Brasaria
“Thanks Archana for arranging such a type of Yoga class on seaside. Very innovative concept that encourage me to start yoga. You took lots of efforts to make it interactive and enjoyable. Enjoyed music in natural environment. All the best and have good day.”
Nitin Deshpande
“Archana, hi! This was a great initiative and including the many passer-by who stood and some even sat, while you were conducting the session, you could tell that the session was a success. The environment of the sun setting and looking into the horizon (despite your friends requesting me to close my eyes) was a very unusual experience for me. I was fearing that maintaining the postures in the sand will be challenging, but I guess the ‘softness’ of the sand enabled a more sturdy posture. Thank you for the idea and your effort. More power to you, dear yogini.”
Minal Jagitani



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Yoga for beginners online sessions