Revive your health, re-energize vitality

and regain your life

Look good, feel good, be healthy and happy!

Freedom From




Lack of energy

Lack of sleep

Lack of motivation

Achieve ,Boost of




Quality Sleep

Better productivity


Immediate results

Highly customized

Personal attention

Designed by experts

Get professional help

Continuous followups

Highly effective , proven and scientific techniques

How you will learn

Step 1

Practical techniques

Step 2


Step 3

Personal feeback/consultation

Step 4

Parameter/ Diagnostic check (weekly, monthly)

Step 5

Short routines provided for continuity

12 Week Transformation

Week 1 – 2

Loosening and releasing the pain.

Week 2 – 5

Loosening, releasing pain and strengthening muscles.

Week 6 – 8

Mindfulness,awareness and emotions along with previous week ‘s steps

Week 8-10

Mindfulness, sound healing and setting Affirmation/positive visualization, along with previous weeks steps

Week 10-12

Way to healthy daily routines and maintenance

OJAS Model

OJAS in Ayurveda is one of the three vital essences that together promote and sustain physical vitality, mental clarity and overall health.

OJAS Yoga and wellness has same vision and mission. With all the offering, we help you to bring balance on physical ,mental and emotional level to lead (healthy, happy and stress free life).

Mindfulness, Motivation and Transformation are the core values we inculcate in the participants …Motivate to do their best, teaching being mindful on physical, emotional and mental level, which will bring the transformation externally as well as internally.

Above values will help in (healing), bringing positive (health) ,which ensures complete holistic (wellness). When someone is on the path of total wellness, it brings the balance on (Mind, body and emotions). This harmony on mind ,body and emotions ,will help a person bring consciousness inwards and gets connected to his own soul.

There will be peace, joy , good health and happiness in your life !

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