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Mind and Wellness Body Formula

Experience the true essence of nourishment with our 100% Real Food Goodness formula, meticulously crafted to elevate mind and body wellness.

Make the healthy choice every day with our supplement, designed to invigorate Ojas—your source of health and vitality—so you look your best and feel great each day.

Formulation for Supplements Promoting Mind and Body Wellness:

  • Heathy glowing skin
  • Weight management
  • Immune system support
  • Antioxidant booster
  • Healthy bones and muscles
  • Overall well being

Crafted from 100% whole food

Our products are meticulously formulated using only natural, plant-based components. Our Mind and Body formula is free from synthetic additives and any artificial substances, ensuring purity and wellness in every bottle.

Nutrient-Packed Mix

Our Mind and Body Wellness Blend is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from whole foods and veggies. It’s the natural path to a healthier you.

Nobel Prize-winning research Top of Form

Developed through more than 25 years of meticulous scientific exploration supported by Nobel Prize-winning researchers.
Backed by Nobel Price Winning Research

Whole Food Blend Vitamin C:

Vitamin C plays a crucial role in fortifying the immune system, combating bacterial and viral infections, and promoting collagen production for healthy skin and joints. Additionally, it contributes to bone strength and acts as a potent antioxidant, assisting in the removal of toxins from the body to safeguard against cancer and heart disease. Supporting cellular and tissue health, it neutralizes free radicals and aids in anti-stress hormone production while facilitating food-to-energy conversion. Signs of deficiency may include frequent colds, lack of energy, bleeding gums, nosebleeds, easy bruising, slow wound healing, and skin issues like red pimples and acne. Vitamin C collaborates with complex B Vitamins for energy production and synergizes with Vitamin E as an antioxidant.

Whole Food Blend Riboflavin Vitamin B2:

Vitamin B2 is indispensable for converting fats, sugars, and proteins into energy and plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy skin, both internally and externally. It is vital for regulating body acidity and promoting the health of hair, nails, and eyes. Signs of deficiency may include burning and gritty eyes, sensitivity to bright lights, sore tongue, cataracts, dull and oily hair, skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis, split nails, and cracked lips. Vitamin B2 synergizes effectively with other B Vitamins and Selenium.

Whole Food Blend Niacin (Vitamin B3):

Vitamin B3 is vital for energy production, brain function, digestion, and skin health. It plays a crucial role in regulating blood sugar and cholesterol levels while managing inflammation in the body. Signs of deficiency may manifest as bleeding gums, acne, eczema, dermatitis, and diarrhea, along with symptoms like fatigue, insomnia, headaches, poor memory, anxiety, depression, and irritability. Vitamin B3 collaborates effectively with other complex B Vitamins and Chromium, and it’s optimally absorbed when consumed with food.

Unleash Your Vitality, Embrace Wellness

Whole Food Blend Zinc:

Zinc is indispensable for activating over 200 enzymes in the body, playing a vital role in RNA and DNA synthesis and contributing to healthy hair, sustained energy, wound healing, growth, and stress management. It regulates hormonal signals to the reproductive organs and supports brain and nervous system health, particularly crucial during fetal bone and teeth formation. Signs of deficiency may include impaired sense of smell and taste, white marks on fingernails, frequent urination, stretch marks, acne, pale skin, and reduced fertility, accompanied by symptoms like depression and loss of appetite.

Whole Food Blend Inositol:

Inositol is vital for promoting cell growth and supporting the health of the brain, spinal cord, and nerve sheaths. It acts as a mild tranquilizer and aids in reducing blood cholesterol levels while maintaining healthy hair. Signs of deficiency may include irritability, insomnia, nervousness, hyperexcitability, impaired nerve growth and regeneration, and low HDL levels. Inositol synergizes effectively with Choline for optimal functionality.

Whole Food Blend Folic Acid:

Folic Acid plays a vital role in brain and nerve function, particularly crucial during pregnancy for fetal brain and nerve development. It is also essential for utilizing protein and forming red blood cells. Signs of deficiency may include anemia, prematurely greying hair, cracked lips, eczema, stomach pains, and poor appetite, along with symptoms like anxiety, tension, poor memory, lack of energy, and depression. Folic acid synergizes with other complex B vitamins, notably Vitamin B12, and is most effectively absorbed when taken with food.

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GMP Certified
NON GMP Verified Project
Certified Vegan Product
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