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Health Happiness Harmony

Do you agree that health is the greatest wealth? But what do we aspire to achieve most of the time?- material wealth. Very often this aspiration leads to wrong lifestyle choices, resulting in all sorts of imbalances- mental, emotional, physical, environmental, and social, and along the way, one forgets the greatest wealth i. e. HEALTH. This imbalance is the cause of stress, worries, unhappiness, depression and much more. But the good news is, we can regain and reclaim the life balances by adopting Yoga as a lifestyle choice.

This book is about raising awareness on how Yoga can be a great lifestyle choice to regain life’s balances. It helps in every age and every stage of one’s life, for a healthy person to maintain positive health, or, for someone suffering from lifestyle related disorders, or to improve presence and productivity in corporates. Tt is a great companion to a woman in her every stage of her life and the problems it brings, and Yoga can be a great maintenance strategy for anyone to maintain and manage health after 40. Yoga will help instil the balance of mind, body, and soul to achieve abundance of Health, Harmony, and Happiness in everyone’s life.

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