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Limited Yoga Class Package:

A limited class package in yoga means a number of learners who can attend a certain period of time. By reading the terms and conditions, you can register for the classes based on your wish. At Ojas, we offer classes for various people, i.e. corporate wellness,  group class, private class, yoga therapy, kids yoga, prenatal yoga, and sound bowling sessions for couples and individuals. The number of classes and the time frame of use cost will vary depending on the yoga studio offering the package.

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During this session, we will be focussing on individuals and their postures. Thus, if the individual learner has any health issue, our certified trainers will also focus on that. Intense yoga practices like Hatha yoga, Kriya yoga, and other deep yoga will be taught based on your enrollment price range.

Our yoga professionals provide proper guidance on individuals’ yogic food habits and diet. We also guide you through pranayama and meditation during the session. If you are new, we also provide you with a choice of Free Yoga for Beginners; using free trial classes will give you a deep understanding of yoga.

It’s vital to remember that picking a studio or platform for your yoga practice shouldn’t just be based on price. The standard of instruction, the availability of sessions and timetables that meet your needs, and the general vibe and ambiance of the studio or platform are additional crucial factors.

Furthermore, our Yoga Class Packages for 10 sessions invest $280 which has 3 months of validity, 20 sessions invest $520, which has 5 months of validity, 30 sessions invest $720, which has 5 months of validity, 50 sessions invest $999, which has 15 months of validity.



1) What is meant by a limited online yoga class package?

In simple terms, the Limited Yoga Plan means a number of virtual yoga classes that a student can attend within a period of time and benefit from our certified instructor.


2) What are the benefits of the limited-class package?

There are several benefits of a limited class package. Here are a few. Learners may be inspired to attend and maintain their yoga practice by establishing a dedication and scheduling a number of lessons. These courses are also excellent for learners who prefer to commit to a limited number of lessons over a shorter amount of time.


3) What are the best online yoga classes in and around Ecopark, Singapore?

Undoubtedly, Ojas yoga and wellness play a vital role in training students on yoga in and around Singapore. We have trained more than 1000+ in our Trial Yoga Class Singapore; our certified yoga professionals ensure that the learner’s doubts are clarified and guide them throughout the journey. By enrolling our Online Yoga Membership is the best way to start your yoga journey.

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10 Sesssions $280 (3months validity), 20 Sesssions $520 (5months validity), 30 Sesssions $720 (9months validity), 50 Sesssions $999 (15months validity), First Trial $15, Second Trial $20

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