Therapeutic Benefits of Meditation with Sound Bowls

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Therapeutic Benefits of Meditation with Sound Bowls

meditation with sound bowls
Sound Bowl Healing Session

Meditation with sound bowls


Do you need therapy for your mental health? If yes, you can come to us. In the era of higher workloads and more stress, we need mental peace and are willing to pay for some therapies. Among some therapies, Sound Bowl is one of the best therapies which will give us relaxation and act as stress relief. Let’s get into the topic of Sound Bowl sessions and take the healing power of soothing music with Sound Bowl Healing.

What is Sound Bowl Healing?

Sound Bowl healing is one of the best and ancient therapies that keeps our body calm and soothes our souls. This consists of a bowl and a mallet. When the mallet is hit the bowl, that bowl creates vibrations with a kind of sound which heals our body and mind. This is used mainly by the ancient monarchs from Tibet.

This healing consists of two methods: striking the side of the bowl with the mallet or striking by rubbing a mallet around the rim. These two methods produce different kinds of sounds. These sound Bowls have been used worldwide for healing, meditation and deep breathing. This therapy is based on the belief that energy vibrates at different rates in the body.

Sound Bowls:

The sound bowls are composed of various metals, including mercury, lead, silver, iron, gold, copper etc. These bowls have unique vibrations, capable of shifting energy, restoring the mind, body, and soul in a balanced state. 

They can also produce healing frequencies that can have a soothing and restoring effect. The different kinds of sounds created by sound bowls are both meditative and relaxing. Ojas Yoga, one of the best meditation centres, offers good meditation with sound bowls.

How to use the Sound Bowl?

It is a small task to use the sound bowl. Playing a sound bowl for the first time will be challenging, but it can be easy and exciting with some practice. It involves two ways to use the striking bowl. 

  • Striking
  • Rimming

i) Striking:

  • Striking is one of the easiest ways to play the sound bowl. This is a great way to play the bowl, suitable for all ages.
  • Hold the bowl in the palm of your hand and the mallet in your other hand.
  • Hold the mallet and gently hit the bowl with the padded side on the mid-exterior wall of the bowl.
  • Thus, hitting the bowl will produce a pleasant, rich vibration and sound.
  • It is recommended to hit the bowl once and let the sound and vibrations dissipate before striking again.

ii) Rimming:

This method will be more challenging than hitting but can easily be mastered with more practice. If it is the first time, practice a few times before getting used to this technique. This needs more patience.

  • First, start with a relaxed seated position with an erect position while maintaining a natural breath.
  • Hold the bowl in the palm of one hand and the mallet in your other hand.
  • This time, hold the mallet gently in the centre with the padded end.
  • It is important to start moving around the rim when you contact it to begin producing sounds. If the mallet is placed against the edge without moving it, the initial sound when hitting will be dampened, and the sound and vibrations will not be produced much.
  • Move the mallet around the bowl at least five times using a full-arm movement. The circular motion is similar to stirring a pot, and keeping the mallet vertical is essential.
Benefits of sound bowl healing sessions
Benefits of sound bowl healing sessions

Benefits of Sound Bowl sessions:

The primary benefits of the sound bowl session are it mainly relaxes our body and soul. The sound bowls are made based on the truth that the energy and vibrations will bring mental peace and calm to our souls. 

When we can widen our listening by exploring ourselves with different sounds, this becomes a passage to a meditative state without fully knowing how to meditate. The benefits range from feeling calmer, releasing stress, and gaining a good thinking perspective; it can positively influence our nervous system.

Some theories suggest that sound bowl sessions are beneficial for mental health. 

  • The vibrations that the bowls bring the positive vibes and calmness that affect the mind and body.
  • The sounds the bowls create will impact brain waves to get relaxation.
  • They will bring the same psychological effects and benefits as listening to music.

These are some theories that suggest the benefits of sound bowl sessions.

Here are the several benefits of the sound bowl sessions.

Reduce chronic pain

Chronic pain starts with anxiety and stress. As we are stressing ourselves, this Sound Bowl will be beneficial, as it serves as a stress reliever through the sounds.

Improve sleep

As the Sound Bowl soothes our mind and relaxes our soul, our body gets more stress-free to get a more peaceful sleep.

Reduce anger

How does the anger cause? By stressing ourselves much as well as being more anxious. Hence the Sound-bowl reduces the root cause of the anger; then, it will vanish away.

Enhances blood pressure

The sound bowls stabilize blood pressure, prevent asthma-related issues, and renew the adrenal gland functioning to open and stabilize the blood pressure.

They also help children with hyperactive disorders, stimulating the immune system and improving the respiratory rate.

Balances the hormones:

Sound bowls’ vibrations produce significant changes in the body by properly balancing the cells, thus optimally balancing the body’s energy system.

End Wrap:

According to a survey about India in May 2022, 50% of people between the age of 24 to 34 stated that they felt more stressed or anxious during the past 12 months. According to the research, we need therapy for mental stress. Here at Ojas Yoga and Wellness, we are determined to help our clients to lead a healthy, happy and stress-free life. We aim to promote physical and mental clarity with positive vibes for our clients.We also provide sound bowls in various sizes for our client’s convenience and concern. Our client’s peaceful health is our primary priority. Based on this, we offer good meditation with sound bowls to keep our clients relaxed.

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