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Ojas Yoga And Wellness

Yoga comes from the sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ ,which means to unite or to join. Our aim at Ojas Yoga is to create union between mind body and soul. Yoga is way of life and we believe and aim to spread Yoga to everyone to attain healthy and meaningful life. Ojas is the vital essence which promotes and sustain our physical vitality, mental clarity and overall health . This is broadly the aim of Yoga . Hence in Ojas yoga we focus on physical health with Yoga postures and pranayama, mental health by practicing Meditation and emotional health by providing knowledge on balancing emotions via postures and meditation practices. As Yoga should be way of life and we believe and aim to spread Yoga to everyone to attain balance in life.

Reasons To Try Ojas Yoga & Wellness

Virtual Yoga

You can as well practice Yoga at the comfort of your house via skype. If you cant physically attain the class, can use Virtual Yoga classes.

Something For Everyone

As Yoga is for everyone and for all ages ,hence we have classes for kids, teens, adults or even senior citizens.

Friendly Staff

Teacher at Ojas yoga is very friendly and gives personal attention to each of the participants in the class. Private classes are well designed to meet individuals requirements.

Never Ending Support

Intercation with Yoga teacher is not only limited to classes and sessions. Once you are associated with Ojas Yoga & wellness, You get never ending support from our teachers

What People Say About Ojas Yoga And Wellness

Quality 91%
Classes 90%
Service 97%
Professionalism 94%
Support 85%